Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Restaurant Review: Classic Cafe

Classic Cafe
6742 Sylvania Avenue
Sylvania, OH 43560-3519
(419) 882-3465

I eat at the Classic Cafe on a fairly regular basis.  The place specializes in what I would refer to as 'diner style' American food.  They're open from around 6:00 AM until 5:30 PM.  These are approximate times as I forgot to note the hours of operation at lunch today.

The Classic Cafe is a non-franchised proprietorship.  One of two owners is almost always on site, and in the unlikely event that there is a problem with the food or service, the problem will be fixed immediately.  This is one of the advantages of eating at the Classic Cafe or any proprietorship with the owner on site.

The food is good quality and the service is well above average.  The dining is casual and comfortable enough to encourage you to sit a while and read your paper after breakfast.  Mind you, it isn't fancy and it is not deathly quiet, but the families that go there tend to keep their rabid little hellions on a short leash and a crusty curmudgeon single man can generally find a table far enough away from the inevitable flock of cackling old hens that your meal can be enjoyed in peace.

I rate the ambiance of the Classic Cafe at a 6.  It's better than an upscale cafeteria but not as comfortable as a quiet dining room.  The service, which is the best part of the Classic Cafe, gets a solid 8.  I've been eating there for several years, on and off, and I've only had bad service once.  The food should be rated at a 6 or 7, but I'm feeling generous today so it gets an 8 instead.  The thing to remember here is that the Classic Cafe is not trying to sell you a steak that that they claim is USDA Prime, but that you can't cut without pulling out your Gerber Mk. II; when they advertise a hamburger, you will get a good quality hamburger.

In summary:
  • Ambiance: 6
  • Service: 8
  • Food: 8
Overall rating: 7.

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Unknown said...

Right on concerning the Classic Cafe. I've been going there for quite a few years, and it is a very comfortable establishment.