Monday, April 2, 2012

Definition of Terms

At times I may use some terminology that others find clever, appropriate or inspirational.  In order to give credit where credit is due while simultaneously pointing persecutors at the innocent, here are a few terms and the point of origin as best I know it along with a brief definition.

Revised September 2017.

Common Terminology
You People Generally not capitalized, this is an intentionally offensive phrase included in any given rant to designate a group of people that I fully intend to offend. If you don't feel offended, I'm not talking about you. The phrase is not exclusively racially motivated; any group or member of a group that feels offended got it right.  I'm speaking to them, and I'm doing so in a prejudice, derisive manner. If you have to ask 'What do you mean by you people?', you're being intentionally dense.
Shaniqua Theater Coined by Beat and Release in his essay Life Gets In The Way Again. This is the emotional howling, screaming diatribe delivered in ebonics to everyone within earshot and that is used exclusively by African American females when the world fails to conform to their expectations and an audience is present.
Tyrone Theater Also coined by Beat and Release, this is the male version of Shaniqua Theater.
Shaniqua Opera Coined by Big Mike while he was drinking, this is extended, amplified Shaniqua Theater.  It requires experienced performers, goes on for a longer time and is not as easily ignored or squelched.
Ghetto Speak (GS) AKA Ebonics, as coined by Dr. Robert Lee Williams II in 1973 and described as a blend of the words ebony and phonics, it is used to refer to African-American Vernacular English (AAVE).
Moonbats Dumber than a doorstop and manifesting the erudite qualities of an engine block, the Moonbats are found to the left of liberal Democrats and other self-destructive, blame shifting self-victimizers who exhibit a laudable tendency to congregate in like minded groups but who display a distressing affection for not terribly benevolent dictatorships masquerading as democratic special interest groups.  They have a sort of sadomasochistic relationship with the government (as they believe the government should be) in the government's promise of the Moonbat's governing others by reeducation while simultaneously being firmly governed themselves - thus absolving the Moonbats of any personal responsibility so long as the Moonbats continue to color within the lines.  Moonbat beliefs rely on emotion tightly coupled to the gospel of television news commentators, popular figures in entertainment and the Internet.
Wingnuts Wingnuts (or Right Wingnuts) are found to the right of the conservative Republicans and other sanctimonious, finger-pointing name-callers who exhibit a meritorious talent for individual achievement and leadership while quietly developing and expanding the institutions that they continue to rail against.  By their actions it is deduced that Wingnuts have a manipulative, controlling relationship with the government in the lusting after power, the ecstasy of political conquest and victory along with the somewhat clandestine enjoyment of crushing their perceived enemy underfoot, grinding the perceived enemy into the pavement and listening silently to the lamentations of the enemy's women.  The Wingnuts abhor such things as empathy and charity while embracing the appearance of empathy, charity and kindheartedness.  Wingnuts believe in personal superiority, the right of might and the manifest destiny of their own personal greatness.

And that's that.

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