Saturday, November 28, 2020

A Little Good News

Irregular readers may remember that I have a brother, Shotgun Bob, who is married to The Girl.  They have one son, Albert, who is a natural born outdoorsman.  A couple years back, Albert got his first deer and dressed it out himself (under the supervision of someone who knew how).

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Police Shooting: Erick Gelhaus and Andy Lopez

On October 22, 2013, Sonoma County, CA, sheriff's deputy Erick Gelhaus shot Andy Lopez to death.  I wrote about it on Friday, November 1, 2013 - Police Shooting: Erick Gelhaus and Andy Lopez, as did Peter Grant, in The lynch mobs are out again . . .

Peter and I differ on our opinions about this particular shoot.

Keep reading as it amuses you to do so, and remember that I'm an inflammatory sort of blogger.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Just Imagine the Perfect Christmas Gift

This year, get the old ball and chain something that will scare the crap out of everyone and make the dog bark in the middle of the night.  Just attach this little beast to a motion sensor and leave it in the bedroom hallway, or maybe in the living room.  You're on your way to get a midnight brewski, and the thing lights up.  If the dog sets it off, you'll probably get a canine call to general quarters.

Here it is.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Presidential Election Blues

I've resisted writing about the Presidential election mainly because everyone else is writing about it, and many of them know far more than I do about the results.  Of the bazillion or so sites carrying news and opinions about the election, here are three that I think are worth reading:

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Trump Commercial

Banned on 47 social media sites!  

Brought to you at great expense and personal risk!  

For a limited time only!

Adults Only - No Children or Fainthearted Women Allowed!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

What's Missing?

My brother Big Mike sent me a link to a decent article by Seth Barron, Trouble in Grand Central’s Paradise, originally published January 30th, 2020.  Mike included the question: What's missing?

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Benghazi Whistleblower explains what is Coming! #AMP Fest

The latest conspiracy theory that might have some truth to it.  This conspiracy involves treason, premeditated murder, bribery, and an absolute legion of other charges against the bad guys.  If it's true, this one is going to make Watergate look like a misplaced check for $10 in the local church poor box.

If it's true.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Firearms and Training

I often read Peter Grant - the Bayou Renaissance Man.  Today he had a post that referenced another of my favorite bloggers, J.L. Curtis - The Old NFO.  Both men are erudite, intelligent, and both bear arms.

Let that last sink in a moment.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

George and Peter and I

The Bayou Renaissance Man, AKA author Peter Grant, stumbled across the toxicology report for George Floyd, and not being able to leave well enough alone, he had to go and post about it.

Some people will take their finger out of the dike just to see if the water will come out.  Trust me, it will.

My own commentary is below the fold, and comes with the usual disclaimers and warning labels.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Meanwhile, Back in Toledo

 I left Toledo, Ohio some years ago and shook the dust off my heels as I crossed the county line.  Stumbling around the 'net, I discovered that the authorities have finally caught up to a few of the criminals running the gravel pit.