Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Still Wanted - John Kelly Gentry, Jr.

I've written about John Gentry before, and found the latest speculation about Gentry's whereabouts last night, along with some decent photos of him - used without permission from the owner, CBS Detroit

Report: Mich. Murder Suspect On The Lam since 1983 May Be Living as a Woman in LA
MONROE COUNTY, Mich. -- A man on the run for more than three decades who is wanted in connection with two murders in the Midwest in 1983 may be living in Los Angeles, possibly as a woman, investigators say, according to news reports.
The idea that John Gentry might be living as a woman is extremely unlikely.  Gentry is naturally muscular, especially in the shoulders and biceps.  He has a narrow waist, and his face (see the pix above) has masculine features.  Even if all that were disguised somehow, the self-discipline needed to maintain a disguise like that is not a part of Gentry's mental make-up (small pun intended).

A few facts about Gentry are that he was discharged from the Navy with a general under honorable discharge.  Gentry failed basic training, which indicates there's something wrong with his mentality.  Everyone passes basic training.  That is, every normal, regular, and able-bodied  man or woman who goes in.  Basic training is designed that way, and the US Navy has a lot of experience in designing things like that.  But Gentry couldn't pass.

The murders were committed in close quarters, one with an ax, and I strongly suspect both were motivated by convenience more than anything else.  Gentry would have wanted money, and if the source dried up he would certainly rob the victim one last time, then kill the victim so as to prevent them from talking to the police.  That's how Gentry is put together.

I think it's very likely Gentry escaped into Mexico, or maybe the Bahama Islands.  Given that living a moral, law abiding life is something outside the scope of his capabilities, he very likely fell in with a violent crowd and was killed, his body dumped out at sea or buried where no one will find it.

Still and all, if you know anything about Gentry, call Monroe County detectives at (734) 240-7530.

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