Saturday, August 28, 2021

Neighbor Problems - Part LXXII

 Those of you who pay attention, read this hound on a semi-regular basis, and haven't had their memory completely altered by booze and fast women may remember that in my little slice of Heaven lives a neighbor who is, charitably speaking, sub-par for the area.

I wrote about him in Neighbor Problems. Well, a few days back the mischievous little Caliban got his dick in a wringer, and I think he's been relocated.

Keep reading to see what happened.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Cost of an Illness

I'm sick.  I fell like six feet of worn out carpet.  And no, I don't think that it's the C word.

I tried for an appointment with my favorite witch doctor, and was asked if I'd be satisfied with a telephone visit.  Sure, why not?

At the appointed hour Dr. Muay calls me and tells me I sound sick.  Well, really now.  I bite off a somewhat pithy rejoinder (after all, Dr. Muay is actually a good sort, and he's trying to help me) and tell him what's wrong, which is mainly a sore throat which showed up the day after I had my root canal.

Anyone got $1,500 they don't need or want?  If so, send it to me.  Note that I'm not bothering to list my mailing address - I know you bums too well.

Along with the sore throat I'm having trouble swallowing.  When I try and eat something, a portion of the thoroughly masticated content gets diverted into my nasal cavity, where it resides until I choke it out and down the hatch.  Try that with BW3 hot wings and see what happens.  By the time I spoke with Dr. Muay, I was on a liquid only diet.  This isn't as bad as it seems, as I have protein powder, a stick blender, and the ingredients for a milkshake.

But I still can't swallow anything remotely solid.  Added to that is the fact that I'm one of those people with a heightened gag reflex (one reason I'd make a lousy faggot) and I have a great deal of trouble taking pills.  Part of this is mental - I have a foreign substance in my mouth that isn't food and should not be taken internally - and part physical (gag reflex).

Dr. Muay nixes the C Amoxicillin 500 MG tablets that my endodontist prescribed, and calls in a prescription for Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium Tablets, USP, 875mg / 125mg.  My drug dispensary of choice got busted last week, so I use my alternate: Walgreens.  I give it an hour, and Walgreens Pharmacy admits to having my prescription ready.  Well, hot damn.

Now keep in mind that I have trouble taking pills anyway, and right now it's impossible for me to reliably swallow anything except a liquid.  So I pick it up.  And...

Monday, August 9, 2021

Edited: Doctor calls out CDC and school board at school board meeting with truth!

Repeat after me: The government would never lie to me, a mere civilian, about something as important as a vaccination for the killer disease severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), AKA COVID-19.

Then I made the mistake of listening to this man, who is a medical doctor and has been to school and stuff.

Read at your own risk.  The author of this blog is not responsible and is a known opinionated something-ist who likes fast cars and faster women.

Note: The social media site hosting the video has shut it down for reasons best known to any intelligent person over the age of four.  I'm posting a link to a page that offers superior coverage of the speech and story.

Dr. Dan Stock's Presentation to the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana Over The Futility of Mask Mandates and Covid-19 Protocols