Tuesday, May 28, 2019

RFI: System Software Question

I'm running Windoze 7.

Edit: Problem solved thanks to Merlin, who suggested:
You could always zip the entire directory structure, then unzip to a location without restoring the paths. This would essentially flatten your entire directory structure to a single level.

Just why a man of such brilliance and good taste would be hanging out here will remain one of life's little mysteries. 

My thanks to everyone else for their help, as it is truly appreciated.

I have a directory e:\foo, and under that I have many subdirectories:


and under those, many other subdirectories:


and at the end of each tree there may be a file:


I want a utility to navigate the tree, and when it finds a file I want it to copy that file to a single directory, such as:


thus putting all the files in one place and eliminating this tree.  I've looked and haven't found anything except sites offering free spyware.

Is there such a utility anywhere?

Friday, May 24, 2019

Joke Time - Moms Then, Moms Now

I got this pic from someplace or other, but it inspired me to a certain degree.

Then and Now
Keep reading, as it amuses you to do so.

Moms Then: Say that again and I'll wash your mouth out with soap!
Moms Now: That word is inappropriate.
Kids Then: Yes ma'am.
Kids Now: Mister Fathead, my assistant school shrink, said it's okay because it's part of self-expression an' shit.

Moms Then: You'll eat what I make whether you like it or not. There are starving children in this world.
Moms Now: Good job trying one bite of the dinner I made. Now you can have Mac & Cheese.
Kids Then: So wrap up this slop and send it to 'em, they're so hungry. Look, the dog won't even eat it.
Kids Now: I don't want Mac & Cheese. I want McDonalds.

Moms Then: You better stop crying or I'll really give you something to cry about!
Moms Now: I can see you're upset. Take a deep breath and use your words.
Kids Then: ::silence::
Kids Now: Last time I used my words, grandma washed out my mouth with Dawn dish soap!

Moms Then: You want to go out? Take your bike. Be home before dark.
Moms Now: You can't walk around the block by yourself. I'll drive you. Text me when you need a ride back.
Kids Then: Bye!
Kids Now: Why not? Grampa told me about the time he was gone for a week before anyone noticed, and you used to go anywhere you wanted - back in the old days.

Moms Then: Take a brown bag with a bologna sandwich on Wonder bread. Grab a Twinkie and a Hawaiian Punch too.
Moms Now: I packed your bento box with almond butter on whole grain, kale chips, and an organic smoothie.
Kids Then: Thanks! Can I get an extra Twinkie today? Please?
Kids Now: Good. Send it to the starving kids in India Grandma keeps karping about, and gimme a ten spot for Taco Hell.

Quora Question: I Give My Girlfriend...

Here's the entire question:

I give my girlfriend money to buy groceries, and she buys random things. I then have to buy groceries so that an actual meal can be prepared. How can I teach her how to buy groceries like an adult?

This guy's an idiot.  I wrote another answer that may offend the delicate sensibilities of the Quora moderators.

Quora Question: How did polka dancing originate?

Incredible as it may seem, someone wants an answer to this one.  So I provided one, and the real question is, one what?

My contribution will likely be deleted in a few minutes, but one never knows.  Keep reading for the truth about Polka.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

When the Pellets Hit the Windmill

I note that Peter Grant the Bayou Renaissance Man has published two more posts on the collapse of civilization during a catastrophe.  You may read them as it amuses you to do so at An Interesting Look at Urban Defense (May 11, 2019) and Urban Conflict: A Recent Object Lesson (May 14, 2019).

Most of the time I find I'm in general agreement with whatever Peter has to say.  I perceive Peter to be an intelligent, erudite man with an unusual amount of life experience.  He's also a Christian, with a solid set of Christian morals and ethics.  So most of the time I think Peter has the right of it, but this time he's overlooking a few points.  Here they are, in no general order.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Curtis Reeves Chad Oulson Shooting - Slow Progress

I wrote about this case before, but for the sake of convenience a brief summary is called for.

Curtis Reeves, a 71 year old retired police captain, was at the Cobb Grove 16 Theater in Wesley Chapel, Florida with his wife.  Chad Oulson, a 41 year old, physically fit, hardworking man, was at the same movie with his wife, and was sitting in front of Reeves.  During the pregame show Chad was texting someone, Curtis objected, and words were exchanged.  The short of it is that Reeves had a container of popcorn which Oulson seized and threw at him.

So Reeves shot Oulson with a .380 automatic and killed him.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Facts About Bees, Trees, and Latinos

I went out for lunch today, which was a mistake.  For a sawbuck I got an overly large portion of meatloaf and gravy, a somewhat lesser portion of mashed potatoes, and a small helping of canned green beans.  The beans were the best part of the meal; the meatloaf upset my delicate constitution.

On my way back from the restaurant I found a Mexican man in my driveway, explaining to my neighbor (not that one, thank the Lord) that there were bees up in the pine tree behind my house.  Just why I'd care about this is beyond me, but he insisted on pointing them out until I, surprise-surprise, saw a swarm of bees at the top of one of the pine trees behind my house.

Well, hot damn.

I told him to let 'em be (clever pun intended) because they were important to the ecology.  He agreed, but he kept talking about the bees.  I wanted to go inside, so I finally just shrugged it all off and left him to his own devices.

Naturally, that's when the fun started.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Advice Wanted: Response to Disgusting Story

I have a friend in Cleveland who, for reasons associated with dementia and drunkenness, hit me with this question the other day.  I knew what I might say, but advising him on what to say is a different matter.  One that requires diplomacy and a kind, considerate demeanor.

If you're a thin skinned politically correct special little snowflake, I'm warning you right up front that it's hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell below the fold.  Keep reading and you'll end up a tiny puddle of water with a permanently bent mind.

The rest of you, keep going.  It's business as usual.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Walking in a Dangerous Area - Pack Your Whatever

I was minding my own business and nursing my morning bourbon, when I ran across this little gem in my email, courtesy of Spot Crime.

Spot Crime uses local police reports, and although it's a long way from being complete it's better than nothing.  For instance, I live near Machine Gun Alley, and we had a shooting next to my condo complex recently involving two cars, four people, one shooter, and two targets.  One driver collected six and lived to tell about it, while his passenger jumped out and ran for it.  She collected one to the lung and lived to tell about it.  The shooter hasn't been caught, and neither has his buddy.

Here's today's report, which includes this little gem: Indecent Exposure.

Indecent Exposure!
Red hot damn!  Probably some chick walking around topless, protesting for the LGBT movement or free speech or something.  Maybe I can track down a few pix!

Before we go any further, the usual warning applies.  The rest of the post is not politically correct and is deliberately designed to offend people.  If you're a regular reader, keep going.  All others return to their safe area - Slash dot, Face Book, whatever.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Shamless Commercial Message - But Worth Reading

Brigid Johnson could certainly be described as an accomplished woman, but that's an understatement.  She's pretty much got it all - she intelligent, talented, erudite, and she's hotter than a five dollar pistol on Saturday night.  Yeah, all that and a fifth of top shelf bourbon.

She's also married.

Brigid has published another book which shot to the top of the Amazon bestseller list like a Stinger missile going after a Soviet Hind.  When the dust cleared it was revealed that all the proceeds from the sales are going to charity.  Brigid funds an animal rescue and a veteran's charity organization.

Lessons is available on Amazon, here: True Course: Lessons Learned From a Life Aloft

It's a great read and a worthy cause.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled Happy Hour.