Friday, July 31, 2020

Things I Do NOT Understand

Starting with COVID-19 and the homeless population and running right through the coin shortage.  The usual warnings and standards apply.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Quora Question: How can I surreptitiously signal...

I saw this one and couldn't resist.  I don't think my answer will get many up votes, nor will it last long.  But I might be wrong.  Keep reading to see some nameless fathead's question and my somewhat curmudgeonly response.

Wedding Pix

You've seen one, and you think you've seen 'em all.  You haven't.  Believe me, you haven't.

Last Friday I climbed into the shotgun seat of Big Mike's new Jeep and headed northeast for a twelve hour drive.  I'm not what I used to be, and it isn't the age - it's the mileage.  We rolled into chez Shotgun Bob before midnight.  The wedding being scheduled for the next day, we failed to tie one on.

The ceremony was scheduled for 2:00 PM, which translates into three and change.  Big Mike and I got seats where we could sit.  Then the groom showed up and the groom's men (groomsmen?) struggled in.  Below is a picture that says it all about the assemblage.

Typical Guest
The above photo could accurately be referred to as a harbinger of the things to come.

The dinner was great.  The chef (I gather it was the groom's brother) did a magnificent job with the barbecue grill, but the truly outstanding dish was the barbecue chicken.  Seasoned and marinated just right, tender and juicy, it was a direct opposite of chicken that I usually find at any dinner event.

After dinner Big Mike and I repaired to the bar, where Mike made a few painkiller cocktails.  They were delicious, but you don't dare drink one when you're thirsty.  The drawback?  Click to keep reading, but brace yourself.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Times is Hard

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to write these days.  Between the fatally wounded economy, the continuing promises of COVID-19 deaths that just aren't happening, and the alphabet soup of hate groups predicting a violent response should President Trump be elected to a second term - we're living in interesting times.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Independence Day!

The United States is a nation with a colorful history, a predominant color being red.  We celebrate this on Independence Day, but today I'm wondering what I have to celebrate.