Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Execution, Another Government Screw-Up

Some Moonbat somewhere came up with the phrase, 'it takes a village'.  I can't remember just who it was.  It could have been Hitlery, but it might have been that talking head that looks like 300 pounds of bear liver in a plastic bag.  You know, what's-her-name.  What I'm leading up to is that to really screw things up, and I'm talking big time screw ups that start with a brain storming session in some baby kisser's office and move right through the initial design, the safety and regulatory modifications, then pick up a few more screw ups from the joy-boys in the advertising agency who are supposed to tell the Great Unwashed just how valuable and new and shiny and better and exciting this thing is, well... for that kind of gargantuan screw up, it takes a government.

Want proof?  They've done it again.  If you keep reading and if you're 18 or under, be aware that your mother will not approve of the language or ideas you'll find below the fold.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sylvania Township Trustee Election - Write Your Candidate!

One thing you can always count on.  If you are fortunate enough to ever be able to speak directly to your elected official (at any level) you can bet your bankroll against a plugged nickel that it's close to election time.  Otherwise, we're supposed to shut up and take it, unless we're applauding whatever latest fiasco our fearless leader is spending our tax dollars on.  I could go on in this vein for another thousand words or more, but what's the point?

It's about two weeks until election time, and if you want to write your potential Sylvania Township Trustee and as a few pertinent questions, now's your chance.  What - don't have his email?  Ah... how about that.  Here are a few of the email addresses for your candidates - those without an email address can be contacted through their website:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sylvania Township Trustee Election - 2013

Up for reelection are Haddad and Jennewine. I wrote a warm, sensitive but somewhat lengthy piece on the election and was about to post it, but then I fat fingered the keyboard and lost the whole business. Oh well. Here's the summary:

Penny Levine, D (Moonbat)
No. Not just no, but hell no. I've written about Levine before, and in two years neither of us have changed. The woman is crude and authoritative. She wants to raise taxes, enact new tax levies and she favors the elimination of the township in favor of a city. She refuses to get involved in the Internet because putting anything in writing can come back to bite you later on. Anyone is better than Levine.

John Jennewine, I (Moonbats won't have him and Wingnuts kicked him out)
Yes. Incumbent Jennewine hasn't done much for government, but that's a good thing. The man knows enough to think things through carefully and he seems to be pretty well organized. He hasn't destroyed anything, and if he has any fault at all it's that he's failed to hand Haddad a haymaker to snot locker when Haddad started up with him.

John Jennewine has been keeping his eye and business acumen on the major projects in Sylvania, such as the construction of a new fire house, and is doing his best to bring this one in under budget. That means that:
1. He's showing responsibility. It took me a minute to realize this, as so few politicians show real responsibility these days.
2. He's guaranteed to get right under the thin skin of every Moonbat within payoff distance. Keeping an eye on the money means a whole lot less of it will get wasted, which pisses off the Moonbats.

Don Miller, R (Wingnut In Name Only)
Yes, and I'd vote for him twice. Miller favors separation of city and township; he opposes annexation of township land by the city. More importantly, Miller is a successful business owner who believes in raising tax money by attracting more successful businesses to the area. This is a very refreshing outlook.

Miller is that very rare commodity that should be seized before he wises up and refuses to get involved in politics: he's an honest, intelligent politico. My only reservation about Miller is that he's inexperienced and has solid, well-reasoned ideas about the best way for the Township to grow. As such he'll be opposed for no logical reason, he'll get shouted down at meetings and Haddad will call him names. If he can hold on to his temper and exert some patience, Miller could make a real difference.

John H. Crandall, D (Moonbat)
No. Crandall is over 70 years old and favors increased taxation, increased government authority and truly believes that the township should be eliminated in favor of one big city government - with John Crandall in the driver's seat. If you want someone else to run your life for you, there are better options than Crandall.

Kevin Haddad, I (Moonbat Without A Clue)
No. Incumbent Haddad is the same old Haddad that wouldn't get off the garbage collection jag until he attended a Township meeting and a group of residents hung him in effigy. He's got the tenacity of a Lake Erie catfish and a Levine-esque love of government oversight - especially with Haddad at the wheel. Want to end up in the ditch? Vote for Haddad.

For my comments about Levine, see Toledo Talk: Sylvania Township Trustee Election, 2011 and November Election Results and Ruminations - 2011.

I'll be posting more later on, including a few websites where the candidates can make their platform and priorities known to The Great Unwashed.