Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who knew that this would be the start of something? On November 30, 2005 Clay Hausenfleck, his two children and his girl friend moved into their new home in the Lincoln Woods neighborhood. Here's the notice from the Toledo Blade real estate transfer, which I stumbled over on my way to my morning bourbon: Judith Weiss Crouch to Clay Hausenfleck, 6945 Williamsburg Dr., Sylvania, $193,600. (11/30)

Bright and early Friday morning on August 28, 2009 the quiet neighborhood is turned into a crime scene and attendant media circus. It seems that three men and a woman armed themselves and broke into Clay's home. Being no slouch, Clay hauls out his gat and puts some lead in the air, reducing the criminal element of our fair city by one felon: The Lucas County Coroner's Office confirmed to FOX Toledo that the Toledo man, identified as 28-year-old Louis M. Mason, was shot twice in the back. Presumably the other three criminals fled when the shooting started. The local talking heads interviewed a few neighbors who were properly outraged by the whole thing. The room temperature criminal is Louis Mason, who broke into the home and was shot by Clay. Louis is described as a fun-loving young man courtesy of The Blade, who neglects to mention that Louis was armed. He was a real funny fellow, was Louis. We'll miss him. Two of the other three are arrested later on by Sylvania police. They are Billy D. Wilkinson, 33, of 5123 Ryan Rd. and Julie Britton, 25, of 2345 Saint Roberts Lane. The third, David A. Irving, 31, of 3907 Bancroft St. is arrested by federal marshals in Flagstaff, Arizona. Nice job, federal marshals.

Possibly of greater interest to everyone are the 200 Cannabis sativa plants that the police find growing in the basement. Well, these things happen.

The grand jury refuses to indict Clay on murder charges , which is fitting. Clay enters a plea of not guilty to all drug charges in spite of the evidence against him. Well, why not? Clay has nothing to lose and everything to gain. The commercial media continues to misrepresent the home invasion by referring to the criminal, Louis Mason, as a young man who apparently broke into the home and was subsequently shot twice in the back by Clay. No mention is made of Mason being armed.

Clay Hausenfleck made bail and cut a deal with the prosecutor, where Clay admits to growing marijuana and enters a guilty plea to one count each of possession of marijuana and illegal cultivation of marijuana. Clay faces up to 10 years in prison when sentenced Feb. 22. However, the Toledo Blade informs us that As part of the plea agreement, a count of trafficking in marijuana will be dismissed, the felony level of the cultivation charge was reduced, and the prosecutor's office will recommend that Hausenfleck be sentenced to community control. The idea that Clay gets to run around on an electronic leash is unacceptable to me.

I will not criticize Clay Hausenfleck for defending his home against an invasion, armed or not. We are well rid of Louis Mason and with any luck at all his partners will be sent to prison for their part in the home invasion. I don't care if someone wants to smoke some pot in the privacy of their own home. That's their business. Furthermore, I know that the pot they smoke has to come from somewhere, meaning someone has to grow it, and I don't care much about that either. What bothers me is this: Clay Hausenfleck decided to get into the pot business, and instead of renting a trailer or a barn somewhere, this recreational substance entrepreneur set up shop in his basement. This means that during harvest time the rest of us get to live in a drug dealer's neighborhood, complete with SUVs blasting rap music at two in the morning while they drive around trying to find Clay's place so they can make a buy, the possibility of a gun fight breaking out in the street and the petty theft and vandalism that these mental midgets bring with their cash. I really do not want to put up with this crap. I'd also like to know just how an electronic ankle bracelet is going to prevent Clay from setting up shop again. The Lucas County prosecutor, Julia Bates, doesn't seem to share my view on putting Clay away for a while. I would suppose it's easier for her to accept a plea bargain rather than do her job and prosecute the criminal.

By contrast, Main Lady doesn't like any of it and wants Hausenfleck sent away for life without possibility of parole or sent away for 99 years, whichever is longer. Taking a horsewhip to Hausenfleck in the village square possibly has a certain appeal to Herself as well, though She won't admit it.

In order to restore some semblance of tranquility to the household, I suggested that Main Lady and I each write a letter to Judge Stacy Cook and tell her we'd like Hausenfleck to do some prison time. My suggestion was met with enthusiasm well beyond my expectations, and unable to let well enough alone I also suggested that Main Lady design a little flier with the judge's name and address on it along with a helpful paragraph or two explaining the seriousness of the situation and why we should write. The very next day I was pushed outdoors into the bitter cold winter weather with a stack of fliers. I'm a genius.

Here's the flier I personally distributed to homes in Lincoln Woods:

Dear Lincoln Woods Neighbor,

Clay Hausenfleck, who lives on Williamsburg Dr, pleaded guilty to growing a huge quantity of marijuana in his basement - which brought armed robbers into our peaceful neighborhood (one of whom he killed). Prosecutors are recommending that he not receive a prison sentence.

If you are among those of us who feel that this crime should result in imprisonment, please write ASAP to express your opinion to the judge. The final decision about his punishment is up to her.

Judge Stacy L. Cook
Lucas County Common Pleas Court 4th Floor - Courtroom #8
700 Adams St.
Toledo OH 43604-5678

Excerpt of article published in the Blade on January 23, 2010
Sylvania man guilty of growing marijuana - Plants found after intruder shot, killed

After stating the Sylvania address where he lives with his wife and children, Clay Hausenfleck admitted in Lucas County Common Pleas Court yesterday that he grew numerous marijuana plants in his home - more than 1,000 grams worth.

"I did knowingly grow marijuana in my basement," he told Judge Stacy Cook during a brief hearing.

Hausenfleck, 46, who killed an intruder at his home in August, pleaded guilty to one count each of possession of marijuana and illegal cultivation of marijuana. He faces up to 10 years in prison when sentenced Feb. 22.

Hausenfleck called 911 about 1 a.m. Aug. 28 to report he had shot an intruder. Officers found the body of Louis M. Mason, 28, of Toledo, who died of two gunshot wounds.

They also said they found about 200 marijuana plants growing in the basement at 6945 Williamsburg Drive. It was later determined Hausenfleck had 1,285 grams, or nearly 3 pounds of marijuana.

A grand jury declined to indict Hausenfleck for murder but indicted him on three drug charges.

As part of the plea agreement, a count of trafficking in marijuana will be dismissed, the felony level of the cultivation charge was reduced, and the prosecutor's office will recommend that Hausenfleck be sentenced to community control.

What truly surprised me was the reaction I got from the neighbors. Some refused to answer the door, peering at me from the safety of their living room windows. Who or what did they think I was? Others were completely apathetic or were afraid to get involved, and I believe that these people comprised the majority. I did meet three neighbors (all women) that were very vocal in their support of a letter writing campaign and agreed that we didn't need a drug dealer in Lincoln Woods. According to the local commercial news service, ABC, ...some of Clausenfleck's [Clay Hausenfleck's] neighbors wrote Judge Cook asking that he face prison time for growing the drugs and bringing armed robbers into a normally peaceful neighborhood.

Clay got three years in the slammer.

See you, Clay.


mud_rake said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Jack. History Mike's link sent me here. Your detailed story of the Lincoln Woods crime scene was a good read and your dogged determination to make a positive impact on society is praiseworthy.

I look forward to more of your thoughts.

Unknown said...

mad jack you are way off on this one .. clay was minding his own business and you should too.. if you know what is good for you..........

Unknown said...

mad jack you silly ass you are a trouble maker that has nothing better to do than put people down for trying to make an honest and productive living .. you are scum mad jack ..