Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hungry Squirrel

We tossed a few kernels of corn out the back door and they promptly disappeared in the snow.  This morning I happened to see a small squirrel having a field day around the back stoop, finding the kernels lost in the snow and satisfying his appetite.  I suppose he finds them by the smell.  He didn't seem to mind having his picture taken or having me standing so close to him; I was about three feet away, albeit partially hidden by the back door.


historymike said...

Why do we find squirrels so cute and rats so ugly and repulsive? The only major difference is their tails.

Mad Jack said...

Squirrels live in trees and are thought to eat (and bury) nuts. Moreover, they are brown and furry.

Rats are dark grey, not furry, eat anything and live in tenements. Rats carry rabies and other horrid disease.

I suspect the real reason is DISNEY!!! but maybe that's just me.