Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Pick Another Letter...

This is the official follow up to Pick a letter..., as posted several days back. So all of you can pick another letter, any letter, just one out of twenty-six scintillating choices.

The Midnight Shooter and Craig's List

You may remember that I wrote about The Midnight Shooter and his hobby, which is torching off six at three in the morning, thus disturbing my sleep and causing me to wake up on the wrong side of the gutter.  Since the local constabulary took such an enthusiastic interest in this case (yawn), I took the law into my own hands.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Midnight Shooter

On Sunday (7/8/18) at 4:12 in the A of M, some silly SOB decided to torch off a few.  This addled firearms aficionado kept this up last summer, generally on the weekend, and generally with his .38 revolver.  Near the end of summer he acquired a second revolver and would shoot them at the same time.

How do I know?  Sound and cadence.  He's fairly close to me - close enough to wake me up which I don't enjoy.  The Columbus PD has about as much interest in this as a dog with a ceiling fan.  He might want to catch it, but since it's always out of reach it's more fun to chase the cat, raid the trash can, or chew the Old Lady's brand new $649.00 shoes that she hasn't worn yet.

Today I took some action.  I posted on Craig's List.

Craig's List - Columbus, OH
The chance of the Midnight Shooter actually seeing this and respecting my wishes is slim and none.  Still, it makes me feel slightly better about the situation.

If it keeps up, I may buy a burner phone and report a shots fired call to Columbus 9-1-1.  Then hang up instead of answering the idiot questions they ask.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Pick a Letter...

Pick a letter out of the alphabet.  You have twenty-six attractive choices (32 if you count the optional letters that were eliminated by some group of bibliophiles back in the nth century).  So pick one, and remember that your grade for the year does not depend you your selection.