Monday, July 23, 2018


Tomorrow is the big day.  Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM EST I get my CT scan, then I have an appointment with the ENT doc to check the results and plan for treatment, depending on the phases of the moon and the lumps on Fathead's noggin.

I'm not all that worried.  The pain is mostly gone, and only annoys me at night.  I haven't taken more than one pain pill a day lately, and I could probably get along without that if I felt like it.

So we'll see what's up.  I'll post the results tomorrow.

Thanks for all your prayers and well-wishes, and I mean that.  It really helps.


Tim said...

So I got a full body CT scan not to long ago. It was a long process in a semi dark room. I was on my back wrapped tight to prevent my movement. I passed the time by reviewing and perform the task of disassembly and reassembly my SKS in my mind. I did this a couple of times.

Mad Jack said...

How often did you screw up with the recoil spring and have to go looking for it? The first time I disassembled mine without supervision, there was a kind of sprong and a bunch of small parts left the work area at light speed, scooting along the floor and scaring the crap out of the cat. I swept the floor and found 0.37¢ and a small pile of SKS parts.

I finally got it back together with the aid of a friend, who didn't even laugh that hard. Then we went to the range, then we went drinking.

Being wrapped up makes me need a triple dose of Xanax.