Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Well, here we go.

In other news, 'they' canceled my CT scan.  'They' weren't 'comfortable' with giving 'me' a CT scan, given my allergy to CT Scan dye - even though I was premeditated (I'm using the past tense) with Prednisone and Benadryl.  'They' want to perform a magenta renaissance imaging (MRI) instead.

The pain in my throat, head, and neck is old news, and the side of my neck is no longer tender.  I'm reluctant to schedule this because of the cost.  No such thing as a free lunch, right?

A lot of this is in quote, deliberately.  They are the medical powers that be and remained nameless through the entire business.  The fact that they aren't comfortable (a truly annoying use of the word, as their comfort or lack thereof has never appeared on my list of priorities and likely never will) has a lot more to do with me, the consumer, cashing in my chips while lying on their table and undergoing a life saving test that they recommended.  I'm thinking that if they only knew that my own personal attorney is Johnny the Hammer, then they would fire me and take out a restraining order against me.

Disclaimer: In real life my attorney really is the notable Hammer, who really does specialize in medical malpractice.  He tends to win.  He also is dead set against the Second Amendment but will defend gun owners with the ferocity of a mama honey badger defending her kittens, and the tenacity of a Rottweiler with a band new rawhide chew toy.

As I write this, I'm so screwed up on Prednisone that I'm over-typing my own eyesight.  Or something.  I ingested two of the three Prednisone tablets before some nice lady called me early this morning to tell me my test was cancelled.  I'm glad she called before I took the third tablet and the Benadryl, which would have made me too tired to function and too nervous to rest.

Tomorrow will be a better day.


CWMartin said...

But they couldn't have figured it out beforehand... Just think what the Hammer could have got you if you'd gotten into an accident of some sort (I assume you weren't driving) while on the premeds and on the way to the scan, and the call came a bit late.

Anonymous said...

"Magenta Renaissance" Imaging? Though I've heard some low level office chair occupiers call it such, that is very incorrect. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is what they plan to do. Hope you aren't claustrophobic. Being inside the imaging tube is not something I care for ( and I've been there many times ). It is very close,very loud, and you need to be very still.

Glen Filthie said...

All the best Jack. And good luck.

Mad Jack said...

You read it correctly - Magenta. I'm being facetious.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting a PET scan. I'm in a foul temper today and don't feel like talking to anyone.

I know of an old fashioned barber shop that's not too far from me, and I'm in need of a haircut. I think I'll head over there and listen to the old men curse the younger generation, the government, the commies, and everyone else that comes to mind. While I'm there I intend to get my hair cut. Not styled. Cut.

Thanks to all of you for your comments.

Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
Can't say I've ever gotten one of those scans (and not actively looking for the opportunity).
I miss those REAL barbershops with the old men...and now that I am middle age myself, I can't even FIND any around...talk about cut off at the knees here.
I wouldn't mind listening to some "good old days" tales.

Hang tough and stay safe out there.