Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Midnight Shooter

On Sunday (7/8/18) at 4:12 in the A of M, some silly SOB decided to torch off a few.  This addled firearms aficionado kept this up last summer, generally on the weekend, and generally with his .38 revolver.  Near the end of summer he acquired a second revolver and would shoot them at the same time.

How do I know?  Sound and cadence.  He's fairly close to me - close enough to wake me up which I don't enjoy.  The Columbus PD has about as much interest in this as a dog with a ceiling fan.  He might want to catch it, but since it's always out of reach it's more fun to chase the cat, raid the trash can, or chew the Old Lady's brand new $649.00 shoes that she hasn't worn yet.

Today I took some action.  I posted on Craig's List.

Craig's List - Columbus, OH
The chance of the Midnight Shooter actually seeing this and respecting my wishes is slim and none.  Still, it makes me feel slightly better about the situation.

If it keeps up, I may buy a burner phone and report a shots fired call to Columbus 9-1-1.  Then hang up instead of answering the idiot questions they ask.


Glen Filthie said...

If you fired a .22 too close to town up here in Canada, every light loafered flit within earshot would have a kiniption and call the SWAT team...

Bob G. said...

---As a proud gun owner, I have NO problems with firing off some rounds...AT THE PROPER TIME AND PLACE, which certainly is NOT near ANY residential areas, parks, etc. and certainly NOT after hours.
(that stuff qualifies as the special kind of stupid to me)
---If you're lucky (read rich) enough to own a chunk of real estate FAR from the madding crowd, then have at it!
Also, if you can afford some RANGE TIME (indoors OR outdoors), then again...empty a couple boxes of whatever flavor you like.

---What I have noticed is that when it comes to NOISE complaint calls, the PD assigns a VERY low priority to it (even if it IS fireworks...more a nuisance call, like loud music).
BUT, if you call in a SHOTS FIRED to dispatch, THAT will get the po-po rolling to a location a LOT quicker.
---The cadence and that distinct staccato sound makes the difference between fireworks and gunshots every time.
We just have to suffer through the damn MORTAR ROUNDS going off in Ft. Wayne. Like a yearly TET offensive.

Hope you get the moron to get his crap together and learn to respect others.

Roll safe out there.

Old NFO said...

Yep, call in shots fired. Time after time, after time...