Saturday, December 11, 2010

Worthy Read

Beat and Release runs a police blog where some of his hair raising exploits are revealed after being redacted for public consumption. The man writes well and he tends not to pass any moral judgment as a part of the story - you get to figure out the good and bad for yourself - but one thing is very clear: Officer Beat hates dirty cops. So, when Officer Beat uncovered an illegal speed trap in Ridgeland, SC he did a short investigation and wrote about it... five times. I encourage everyone to go and read all five of his essays on this flagrant disregard for the law by the police and the local government.

In Direct Contravention of the Law
Illegal Photo Radar in South Carolina
Illegalities in South Carolina Again
Photo Radar Update
Illegalities in South Carolina - Yet Again (most recent)

Even if you don't live in SC this might be a good time to write or email this information to the State government.

My congratulations to Officer Beat & Release for an excellent job.


Older School said...

Oh yes, Mad Jack, you are indeed correct. This is an excellent piece of investigative, (dare I say it) journalism? Since the use of that word has some rather negative connotations as of late, I'd hate to insult the author. However, maybe there are some so-called journalists who could take a lesson.
His details are exact and he researches all the data before presenting the facts.
I eagerly await the next installment.

Mad Jack said...

I think Beat's post is a good example of journalism, but it lacks the connotations of color often found in the modern equivalent - Fox news, for instance. I note that Beat has written again, and the department is starting to look dirtier than ever.