Friday, December 23, 2011

Casualties of Time and Effort

It takes time and effort to write, even if you write poorly.  Most bloggers write for their own amusement, self-publishing their Pulitzer quality works at little or no cost and wondering if anyone is reading their literary contributions to the overall quality of civilization as we think it should be.  Eventually the author quits, possibly because he's tired of writing or has gone on the wagon and sobered up, thus wondering just what the hell it was he'd actually be doing all this time.

Not me, though.  I'm no quitter - just ask the folks down at AA!  There are, however, a few recent causalities in the blogosphere that I shall miss reading.  They are:

Beat and Release  Who states that his new business venture has him working 14 hour days, so he's too busy to write.

Glass City Jungle  Whose owner, Lisa Renee, got a real job with real pay and a real boss. Sadly, this job included a real conflict of interest.

Hooda Thunkit's (Dave Zawodny's) Blog  Who has gone on an extended hiatus for personal reasons, and before anyone asks the answer is, "No, he's not in the slammer."

Knock and Announce  Who just stopped writing.

North  Who is taking a break. Likely an extended break.

The S.N.A.F.U. Report  Who might have suffered an accident involving a pickup truck, a shotgun, a fifth of whiskey and an Oriental Massage Parlor. Or not...

My thanks to all of you for your enjoyable literary contributions to all those wise enough to read your blog.


Trilby said...

Hi Mad Jack. I follow your blog because of similar interests (restaurants & ranges). I think I met you at the TT gathering on Central near Douglas a while back. You seemed like a unique and interesting individual and your blog reflects that. Keep up the good work.

Older School said...

I too shall miss some of my favorite bloggers who have moved on. I find it hard sometimes myself to formulate stories or ideas, but I can't give up yet. Too much in this world to bitch, moan, gripe or complain about.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks Trilby, and you're quite right. I was the older model with the high mileage.

Thanks Older School. I think the election year will provide plenty of inspiration.

Beat And Release said...

No retraction necessary. I'm sorta, kinda, possibly trying to find time to add some posts.