Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flowers in May

While taking Excellent Rachmaninoff for his afternoon canine constitutional, I assembled my camera and the flowers in Main Lady's front yard.  The results exceed my own standards of mediocrity, so I'm posting them here.  I hope everyone enjoys them.

I'm a little unhappy with Blogger these days.  I don't like the new interface; I find it difficult to use and non-intuitive.  Pictures used to expand when a user clicked on one, and now they don't.  Instead, the user gets a sort of pseudo-Picasa interface that allows one to scroll through the pictures rather than zooming in.  Finally, photos that are uploaded from my PC to blogger don't always copy to my blog when selected.  Instead, nothing happens.

Nice, huh?


Unknown said...

I really love the peach. Gorgeous color.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks, TLM! Ah... which one is the peach?