Friday, May 3, 2013

Question for an Outdoorsman

Anyone who is either an Boy Scout with the Wilderness Survival merit badge or anyone who has practical experience in at least one of the following areas: woodcraft, botany, arboriculture, floristics or dendrology, please take a look at the following pictures and tell me if this is poison ivy or not.

The rest of you have another drink and stop thinking about practical jokes.

Note the picture of the oak tree with the nice green vine climbing up it.  This is the vine in question, the true identity of which eludes me.

Tree in the Front Yard
Here's a close up of the vine.  Note that the leaves have a kind of oily, shiny look to them.  Now, I'm not particularly allergic to poison ivy, but some people (like Main Lady) are allergic and break out in hives just from thinking about poison ivy.

Possible Poison Ivy
I can't tell if this is poison ivy or not.  So here's the question: Is this poison ivy?


CWMartin said...

Not with five leaves it ain't. Doesn't appear to be oak or sumac either.

flask said...


totally not.

'scuse me, i am going out to the national forest to sleep in the woods now.

because the sun is going down and yeah.

woo, outdoorsy.

Sdv1949 said...

Dude, your maple tree is putting out suckers. Just like they all do every spring. Pull the damn things off and be glad they're not coming up from the roots.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks CW, Flask and SDV. I expect I'll get rid of the errant greenery and enjoy a little peace and quiet. Main Lady still thinks it's poison ivy, you see.

Here's to you!