Monday, July 15, 2013

Martin - Zimmerman Verdict

Not guilty, yer honner.  Now can we call it a day?

I've been deliberately refraining from writing about the Zimmerman case, mainly because I tend to rant and rave a little too much about the injustice of the trial.  If you're really interested in learning a little more about the Zimmerman trial, here are four links that have very well written articles about the Zimmerman trial.

Gamso - For the Defense: Because There Really Is No Better Alternative

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Zimmerman: No Appeal From The Court of Public Opinion (Update)

The last three are courtesy of Jeff Gamso over at Gamso - For the Defense, a pansophic polymath who is always worth reading but whose working vocabulary and life's knowledge generally do not make him an easy read.  A word of caution: Any interesting question you pose to Jeff will result in a pedantic, recondite answer that's as Byzantine as it is enlightening.  Boring questions are ignored.

My own opinion is that this is a case of self-defense that, for reasons unknown to me or any reliable source willing to talk to me, was blown completely out of proportion by commercial media and moonbat bloggers everywhere.  As a result, George Zimmerman is out of jail but he has no freedom.  Various hate groups are lined up to shoot at him, Martin's family is out for vengeance and the Federal government, headed by the Ayatollah Obama, are still trying to railroad him into prison.  Looking back on it, George may be wondering if he'd actually be better off dead.

Someone posed the question, What if Zimmerman hadn't got a shot off?

It depends on the story Martin would have fed the police, and that's presuming that Martin would have been caught somehow.  Personally, I don't think Martin would have hung around long enough to get caught, and none of the sheeple were coming out of their respective barns to answer the screams and cries of Help! Help!

So think: You're a cop and you're sent to investigate a brawl, a real first class affair.  You're first on the scene.  You find a black teenager in Act Two, Scene One of Tyrone Theater and a middle aged beaner on the sidewalk who is trying his best to reach ambient temperature.  Between "Damn!" and "Mothah-FUCK!!!" you gather the fat, ofay cracker on the sidewalk waylaid, confronted and tried to kill this poor teenager who was on his way to choir practice.

How so?

Ofay be strapped, try to bus' a few caps wid hiz NINE iz how so. I be not guilty!

And so, by George, you check the body and sure enough you find a 9mm DAO Kel-Tec, one round up the pipe. Huh.  And there are no witnesses who saw anything, and the beaner ain't talking.  Well, you don't speak Mexican anyway.  By the time you get the circus to calm the fuck down so you can think, you discover that:

  • The teenager was NOT on his way to choir practice. He was coming home from the 7/11 and has the junk food to prove it.
  • The beaner was some kind of cop wanna-be, local watchdog group commander and was on the phone with dispatch when the shit hit the fan.
  • The gat has the beaner's prints all over it.
  • The kid tells you the beaner confronted him, tried to prone him out, threatened to shoot him, threatened to kill him and called him politically incorrect names.
  • The kid jumped the beaner and here's the results.
  • The kid didn't mean to off the beaner, but what the fuck?  He gon off dis niggaz azz!

The upshot? This kid walks and block watch groups all over the place get a black eye, along with CCW holders. In three days everyone except the participants have forgotten about the entire business - until the civil suit hits the Martin family.

Which is really, really dumb because the Martin family has no money nor is ever likely to have any, but go figure, right?

This whole business sucks pond scum, but the absolute worst of this particular case of scum suckage is the way the commercial news media used its bully pulpit to inflame the great unwashed.  If the Martin family wants to sue someone, let them sue commercial media.  I actually wonder if George Zimmerman and his family might have a case against commercial media for the damage they did him and continue to do to him.

Right after commercial media comes the Federal government, who used our tax dollars to attempt to railroad George Zimmerman into prison.

If I were Zimmerman I'd change my name and move to Thailand.


CWMartin said...

Not to mention, as I did to a friend, it shows once again the "incompetence" of local prosecutors against a well paid defense team in a national media case. It's a wonder we ever have convictions out of such cases.

Jeff Gamso said...

You describe me as a "pansophic polymath" who writes recondite and Byzantine responses to questions and accuse me of flinging about highfalutin language?

I respect my readers enough to believe that they can make sense of what I write - and that they've probably got access to a dictionary somewhere (via a Googlesearch if not between hard covers) if they get stumped.

Mad Jack said...

CW: The case against Zimmerman was really, really weak to begin with. Originally the police on the scene called it self-defense and told everyone to go home.

Mad Jack said...

Jeff: I was being generous. I could have added, "with a decided preference for fine bourbon and finer scotch."

Old NFO said...

Good links, thanks!