Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sylvania Township Trustee Election 2013 - Unofficial Results

The unofficial election results are in, and unless something completely unforeseen happens here's how things shake out for Sylvania Township.  As usual, there's good news and bad news.

Read on, with an obligatory profanity warning

First of all, let's get to the best news right away: Penny Levine lost.  This makes Levine a three time loser, and my hope is that she'll fold up her fat yap and go home.

Courtesy of the Toledo Blade: Unofficial FINAL results from the Nov. 5 General Election, we have:

Sylvania Twp. Trustee
(2 to be elected)    Votes
John Jennewine   3,194 (incumbent)
John H. Crandall 2,630
Penny J. Levine     2,481
Kevin Haddad      2,259 (incumbent)
Don Miller            1,349
100% precincts reporting

As you can see from the results Sylvania Township managed to retain a genuine Independent politico: John Jennewine came in first with a comfortable margin.  I'm glad to see this, as John has done a good job for the Township and I have some confidence that he'll continue to work hard at his job and keep an eye on city finances.  My congratulations to John Jennewine (I) for his victory.

The bad news is that John Crandall (D) came in for the second seat.  I didn't vote for Crandall and I don't think Crandall will do a good job of representing Township residents.  City residents, you bet.  Higher taxes?  Can't do a thing without 'em.  More government regulations?  That's what I'm here for.

The only ray of sunshine here is that we, the Great Unwashed, are much better of with Crandall than we would be with Levine.  So.
My congratulations to John Crandall (D) for his victory, which saves the Township residents from Levine.

Kevin Haddad (I) Just follow the Exit signs.  Don't forget to clean out your desk on your way out.  If you have any difficulty, I'm sure Mr. Jennewine will be glad to help you - with his size nine, right where it will do the most good.

I'm disappointed with Don Miller (R) who got a late start campaigning and then ran a weak campaign.  If his name wasn't on the ballot, very few people would know he was there.  Work harder at it, Don.

What I was hoping for was a Jennewine/Miller victory, which would be good for the Township.  Instead of that, we've got Crandall and now the other two are going to have to devote part of their time to making sure Crandall doesn't screw everything up.

Frankly, I've lost all interest in the Sylvania BOE.  All they do is have meetings where the board members get to yammer on and on about nothing at all, then they decide that the schools need more money.  Why?  Because, that's why.  It's for the children!

You know what?  Bite me.

Sylvania Board of Education
(3 to be elected) Votes
Julie S. Hoffman          4,195 (incumbent)
Dave Spiess                 3,947 (incumbent)
Stephen A. Rothschild 3,060
Carol McElfresh          2,230
Mark Clark                 1,885
Kevin R. Eff                1,592

Julie Hoffman is kind of cute, but I voted for Kevin Eff, mainly because I know a relative of his.  Oh well. Not that it matters much, but here's another blurb from the local bird cage liner:

Haddad ousted as Sylvania Twp. trustee

Mr. Jennewine’s and Mr. Haddad’s seats were also challenged by Penny Levine, who ran for the third time and lost, and Toledo business owner Don Miller.

My other election complaint is with the Republican party in general, who allowed the Mayor of Sylvania to run unopposed again, along with several other races.  Is the GOP so completely lame that they can't find anyone to run against a moonbat who is otherwise unopposed?  What kind of namby-pamby party is this?

I think I'll attend a few Sylvania Township trustee meetings and hector Crandall when he tries to steal money from the taxpayers.

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