Friday, January 23, 2015

Cancer Recovery: Week 17

This may be the end of it.  I had a PET/CT scan along with a flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy (they shove a narrow tube up your honker to look at your throat) which concluded that:
  • The tongue is clean.  No cancer on the tongue.
  • The lymph node on the right side of my neck may be cancerous.
  • There is a shadow of some kind on one lung, which the doctor says is nothing to worry about.
So it's off to get a biopsy of the lymph node, then wait around for two days for the results.  Today the results came in.


So I am now officially cancer free.

Now all I have to do is wait for the deleterious effects of the radiation and chemotherapy to wear off, and I'll be back at my usual bar stool.

Thanks to all of you for helping me through this.  When I was at my worst, I'd re-read your comments and my spirits were lifted.  That helped.


Stephanie Lorée said...

Jack, I'm so thrilled to hear this. You're a fighter, and this shows you can get through anything.

All my best wishes and happy thoughts to you, sir. Looking forward to reading your blog posts about food and beer and the joys of life very soon!

CWMartin said...

It has been no problem. Prepare to enjoy life!

Capt. Schmoe said...

Good news indeed!

Gary Griffin said...

Cancer says "Why/?"
And you say, "Because Fuck you, that's why. Gzry

Old NFO said...

Woo HOO!!! Great news! But thoughts and prayers will continue until the effects of the treatment wear off!

Roland Hansen said...

Great News!!! Here is wishing you a long, prosperous, happy, healthy life!