Friday, April 17, 2015

The Local Bird Cage Liner Does It Again

Our local scandal sheet is the Toledo Blade, a newspaper who's flair for creative journalism occasionally reminds me of News of the World. This is one such occasion.

I took Main Lady to the Big Band Dance Party at the Stranahan Great Hall last Friday, where we danced to an 11 piece orchestra and had an excellent time.  I dropped at 10:30, then spent most of Saturday recovering (the cancer effects are still with me, but I'm getting better).

The bird cage liner gave the event a little coverage - I saw them taking pictures - which was nice until I actually saw the coverage yesterday.

This is Carolyn Wielinski, but the man is not Alfredo Horna, owner and operator of Alfredo's School of Dance.  This man is Terry Wagner.

The Blade has written about Alfredo before, and this is just one more example of poor reporting.  Last time I read about Alfredo and his wife Lucinda, The Blade had them meeting at a dance competition, which is a blatant lie.  Now we get this kind of crap?

What else do you suppose The Blade misrepresents?


CWMartin said...

Don't suppose the photog asked the right person who was a "fan" of the Blade, and they kinda fudged the answer? It's good to hear from you again!

Old NFO said...

Picture- Check.
Assumption of dancers- Check
Fact check- N/A
Publish- Check