Monday, October 12, 2015

Bike Route Closing

There are a few things in this world that just ain't right, and here's one such.  The Bike Route, a local bicycle shop, is closing.

The Bike Route
5201 Monroe St #1, Toledo, OH 43623
Bike Route
My doctor and other learned medical professionals told me that I needed exercise, and they didn't mean bending my elbow at the local watering hole.  So, since the weather had broken and we no longer had to fear frostbite if we didn't wear arctic suitable winter clothing, I retrieved my bicycle from the shed and took it over to The Bike Route for a little tune up.

They cleaned the whole thing up (it actually had cobwebs on it), mounted two new tires and adjusted the cables.  In just a few days I was out being a danger to myself and others.  Now, just when I find a place that will tolerate me and my idiosyncrasies, the place closes up.  The owner tells me that the last day is October 30th, a Friday.

I pestered the owner until he told me that the building changed hands recently, and the new landlord is a real prick a bit challenging to work with, especially where leases and rates are concerned.  Given that he's been in business since dirt was a brand new thing, it may be time to retire.  It doesn't help matters that the new landlord is going to make selling the business almost impossible.

So he's having a fire sale.  Here's a look at the inventory.


Need a New Bike?
So if you need (or like me, don't really need but want) a new bike, this is the right place and the right time, because everything is going to be sold.  I gather the business partner is for sale too, but the buyer qualifications may be a bit hard to satisfy.  Something about independently wealthy, hot as a pistol and new Corvette comes to mind.

But, like I say, somehow this just isn't right.


CWMartin said...

We just had one of those "iconic restaurants" in Ft Wayne close for just the same reason. I guess the world just prefers shuttered store fronts and "one size fits all" shops and eateries.

Old NFO said...

That is sad to hear... But hopefully they come out okay on the deal.