Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ohio Primary 2016: Part 1

On Tuesday, the Fifteenth day of March in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Ten-and-Six, registered voters will gather at their appointed polling places and cast their vote to elect some poor sap to be endorsed by their political party and run in the presidential election.

I've never voted in a primary election, but this year I'm making an exception.

If you believe Google, here's where we are now:

Trump Is Winning

Hitlery is Winning
I'm voting for Trump.  I'm sick and tired of the PC (politically correct) stable dressing that's been passing for governmental speeches, and I like the way Trump talks about illegal immigrants.  Trump says he's going to deport all eleven million of 'em.  Moonbats howl that you (meaning authority in general) can't deport eleven million people!!! (with three bangs at the end - STET).  Maybe, maybe not.  But we can deport ten million, and that's a start.

The way I see it, the Ayatollah Obongo set the stage for this with what the wingnuts howled was a misuse of executive order.  What keeps the moonbats awake nights is that they, the moonbats, established what could be done with executive orders, and if Trump takes up residence in the luxury doublewide on Pennsylvania Avenue, he's going to use that very same power to begin deportation.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

My prediction is that the moonbats will run Hitlery for prez; if she's smart (and she is, believe me.  The woman is a long, long way from being stupid or ignorant), she'll get Biden to run for VP.  Why?  Three reasons: 1) he's breathing and has a pulse, which are the only real qualifications needed to hold the office of Vice President in the US.  2) he's a proven quantity with strong ties to Obongo - and who doesn't want Obongo?  What are you, racist? - and 3) he pisses off no one.  Think about it.  Put Crazy Uncle Joe in front of an audience and you'll have to announce him, because quite frankly, most people won't recognize him or remember the office he holds.  Good old what's his name, he's... you know.  Somebody.  Give me a minute.  And the average moonbat is not known for their intelligence, learnedness or sanity (AKA emotional stability).

Trump will likely win, and likely pick Kasich for Vice.  Kasich is able to deliver Ohio, which is a real swinging State, and Kasich has pissed off very few people.  Okay, so scratch that last.  I don't know what else Special K can deliver, but he's pretty level headed, he's smart, he's well educated, and I think he might put a veneer of sanity on the screwball circus that used to be the GOP.

The thing to remember through all of this is that we're electing a president, not a monarch or a fascist dictator.  Most All presidential campaigns contain whole lists of promises that the politicos know they'll never be able to fulfill, but that never slows them down.  In this case the GOP controls the House and Senate, so...

If Hitlery/Crazy Uncle Joe get elected, expect the wingnuts to find unity in opposing a common enemy, and we'll have 8 years of gridlock.  I can live with that.

If Trump/Kasich are elected, they'll have two enemies that will oppose them at every turn.  Cruz and Rubio are not the sort of men to forget insults, confrontations and losses.  They'll be out for blood every chance they can get.  I guess we'll get to see if the TK team are as good at leadership as they think they are, and if (big, big if here) they can organize Congress, well... it's not a good day to be a moonbat.

So I'm voting for Trump.  I'll vote several times if I can, then I'm going to have a martini and watch the results unfold.  Go get 'em, Don.


CWMartin said...

I don't blame you one bit. I have said this whole cycle that Trump saying screw you and running third party and winning would be the best thing for the GOP.

Roland Hansen said...

I am also sick and tired -- I am sick and tired of the same ol' same ol' in American politics. And while I actually agree with much (not all) of your assessment, I am going to vote for Bernie Sanders. Most likely, as in the vast majority of the ballots I have cast in previous Democratic Party Presidential Primaries, my vote in the upcoming Democratic Primary will once again go to the eventual NONnominee.