Friday, April 15, 2016

When Commercial Media Pisses You Off

I tipped to this story a couple days back when I was reading a local message board, Toledo Talk.  It seems that Ohio Kimono, a local contributor and entrepreneur (see her commercial sites at Ohio Kimono and Ohio Kimono (Kimono Lady) on Facebook), was away from her home during the day (she was doing her best to earn a living) when three choir boys noted that the lock on her back door needed testing for the purposes of quality assurance.  One young man did the testing, using a tool approved for such.

The lock passed.  The test was recorded for prosterity on double secret home video, shown below, and you can read the thread on Toledo Talk here, $250 Reward - Do you know these criminals? .

What really pisses me off about this whole business is that the neighborhood has been plagued by robberies with the same modus operandi, and now that there is a concrete lead the commercial news media screws the pooch.  Check the link from WTOL: Police look for three men wanted for Springfield Twp. break-ins by Joe Stoll, Anchor.  You can email Joe here, at

Saving you the time and aggravation, the article gives a very basic run down and displays the much sought after footage from the video security camera, only:

The faces of the men are blurred because police believe they may be under age.
As quoted from the article.  Yep, sure as hell, the faces of the three alleged perpetrators are blurred out to prevent recognition.

What the glorious fucking hell are they thinking!?  They may be underage?  So what?  If you believe the various news sources, there are five different homes in the immediate area that have either been broken into and pillaged, or someone has attempted to break into the homes.  All attempts use the same modus operandi as this one.  Now we have pictures of young, black thugs and WTOL refuses to show the photos because 'they may be underage'?  Or is it because they are black, and we the commercial news media don't want to offend anyone?  We want to remain politically correct.

Personal to Joe Stoll: What the fuck?

Just wait until your home is burglarized.  Let's see how you feel about posting a few pics then, assuming you have any to post.

Happily for us, WTOL isn't the only commercial news source available to the residents of the Toledo metro area.  We also have NBC Channel 24, who isn't overrun with special snowflakes and SJWs.  Check the link here: Home security video captures suspects attempting break-ins in Springfield Township by Amulya Raghuveer. From the article:

Authorities are searching for a group of males that residents say is terrorizing neighborhoods in the Springfield Township area.
Anyone with information is asked to call Detective D. Kowalski at the Lucas County Sheriff's Office at 419-213-4987.

Personal to Amulya Raghuveer: Good job.  Here's a tip of the old fedora and a hoist of the afternoon bourbon glass to you, madam.  You've provided the community with a valuable service.

As for me, I'm not afraid to post a few photos.  Here are three criminals, as captured from the security camera footage.

Criminal 1

Criminal 2
Criminal 3
All Three Criminals In Action
If anyone knows who these three little yos are, call Detective D. Kowalski at the Lucas County Sheriff's Office at (419) 213-4987.

On a final note, my buddy Mariner suggested a tall tree and a short rope.  He was castigated by several SJWs at Toledo Talk for his disparaging, insensitive comment that was no doubt inspired by a deep seated racial prejudice.  I'll give Mariner credit.  He really did try and understand their point of view, but in the end he (effectively) said Fuck it.  Tall tree, short rope.  Some assembly required.

I think I'll call him up next week and see if I can buy him a drink over lunch.


CWMartin said...

So one station blanked out the faces... SMH. And we wonder why we cannot communicate with liberals... is there any concept they DO grasp?

BTW, Mariner sounds like a wise man. But if you don't have a tall enough tree, compensate with hungry pit bulls.

Old NFO said...

Unbelievable!!! They actually blanked the faces of ROBBERS because they were underage??? Gah...