Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election November 8, 2016: The Winners and Losers

Donald and Melania Trump will be moving in to the double-wide on Pennsylvania Avenue sometime in January of next year.  At least, that's the plan.  The real sequence of events is the pre-campaign, during which time money is counted, a campaign team is assembled, and a consensus to run for the office is made.  If you're going to back out, now is the time.  Then the campaign for the official primary, where Trump neatly won the Republican party nomination, causing several notable Republicans to back out and state publicly that they wouldn't support Donald Trump for various reasons, notably injured egos, sore toes and bent noses.  Then comes the official, vote-for-me campaign, during which Trump was attacked by commercial media every chance they got, ambushed by lying women making various claims of sexual abuse, locker room talk accidentally picked up by a live microphone, and debates with an opponent who had been fed at least half the questions well in advance.  But the slugger came through, didn't he?

Before you know it, it's November 8th, 2016.  Many people stay up all night just to see the results.

The Winner and New Champion
Prior to this election, many well-known SJWs, Feminazis, and BLM members swore that if Donald Trump won, they would leave the country.

See you.

But the show ain't over 'til the fat lady sings, and on Thursday, December 15th, 2016, the Electoral College will meet and formally elect Donald Trump into office.  Of course, there's a tiny little gotcha here, and it's politely called faithless electors.  We the great unwashed do not vote directly for the President; we actually vote for people in the Electoral College who have sworn to vote for, say, the Democratic candidate.  Should the Democrats win, your Electoral College representative shows up on the 15th and does what they've promised to do, vote for the Democratic Candidate.  Or not, as the case may be.  You see, they have a choice in the matter, and while many of them will face criminal charges should they vote in a faithless manner, others do not.  In any event, criminal charges don't stop criminals from committing crime (gun control, anyone?).  So your Elector might, instead of voting Democrat as they are sworn to do, vote for the Green Party candidate instead.

The entire Electoral College procedure was started because the founding fathers, in their infinite wisdom, knew that the race to the White House was a popularity contest, and that there was every chance in the world that the fatheads and dildos in our fair country might elected a real, genuine, fourteen carat, chrome plated, clown in a chariot driven side car as President, in which case they would all become faithless electors and put someone else in the White House.  As of 2015, there have been 115 cases of faithless electors in the United States since the show started.  Now then, given the tenor of this election (bat shit crazy), I think that there is a possibility we could see this happen again.

But if everything goes as planned, on Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be sworn in as our new President, we'll have a boss lookin' First Lady, and the SJWs, etc. et al will increase their dosages of Prozac and begin the long, tedious process of vilifying a sitting President who doesn't deserve it.

Me, I congratulate Donald Trump for his victory.  In spite of an openly biased commercial media, a divided Republican Party, and an opponent who qualifies as the poster child for moral turpitude and who was willing to do absolutely anything to win - Donald Trump won.

Hitlery, Slick Willie, and the Ayatollah Obongo are going to have to attend the inauguration ceremony and publicly congratulate someone that they'd like to see boiled in oil - literally.  Then there's the ceremonial packing up of the ex-first family and the turning over of the keys to the doublewide.  I'd really like to see how that meeting goes.

One other thing.

Alas, poor Yorik!  I knew him...
Even The Economist was predicting Hitlery for the win, but the later it got, the more it seemed like they were whistling past the graveyard.  Eat shit and die, talking heads.


CWMartin said...

Wow. Everything I wanted to say but figured I better save the poor opponents' feelings. Plus, while I know in my heart we did a good thing last night, I'm not quite convinced it's gloatworthy.

Roland Hansen said...

I did not support Donald Trump for President. However, Donald Trump has won the election via the Electoral College. That being said, I will support our President of the United States, Donald Trump. My support of the President is not blind loyalty; I do reserve the American right to disagree with President-Elect Trump, but will not abandon the principles upon which the Republic has been founded. The President is th President is the President! Come January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be President.

I shall take my leave now with a favorite quote of mine in closing:
"The name-calling needs to stop. The personal attacks and belittling of individuals based solely on different political perspective needs to stop. All Americans need to pull together. Divisiveness will not accomplish anything positive. It is time for what I call some real D.I.R.T., i.e. Democrats, Independents, (and) Republicans (working) Together. If we, the American people, set aside the distrust, if we set aside the hostility, if we set aside the verbal tirades, if we set aside the casting of stones, if we set aside pointing out blame, if we set aside pettiness, we just might be able to work together for the mutual benefit of all Americans." ~ Roland Louis Hansen

Mad Jack said...

Thanks, CWMartin. I agree with your gloatworthy comment. I'm really not trying to gloat about the victory so much as I'm pointing out the obvious - conservatives and Trump supporters have been putting up with commercial media bias and blatant falsehoods from the left for the entire campaign, and a lot of us are tired of it. Added to that is the Liberal Extremist's refusal to compromise on anything for the past 8 years while their fearless leader shoved it down our throats (but it was for our own good, and we know what's best for all of us), and now we'll see some protection of all our civil rights.

Okay, I'm trying really hard not to gloat a little.

Mad Jack said...

Nice post, Roland. Thanks. This is how I hope most people will act during the next four years, but judging from all the demonstrations and general mental unrest, I think it will take a while for the fact that the world hasn't ended to completely sink in.