Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Current Crises

This morning, right in the middle of the good old morning coffee, I detected the gentle strains of a jackhammer operating in the immediate vicinity.  Since there have been a few problems with the local water lines in our little enclave, I paid it no never-mind.

Big mistake.

Big, big, mistake.

End of My Driveway

My Driveway
The HOA association decided it was time to repair several sections of curb which were badly cracked.  Which is fine, right up until the time that the construction company started work without telling anyone and very effectively blocked me in.  My garage is the one on the right, and there isn't room to back and file my car out, even if I drove across the front lawn.

The construction workers have no useful information, except to say that after they pour new cement it takes seven days to dry before you can drive on it - and that's after they pour.  No one knows just when the pour will happen.

I called the property manager, but Fathead isn't in the office just now.  He may be back this afternoon sometime, and he may not.  No one knows, at least no one who will talk to me.  I called the construction company and spoke to some bitch on a stick who denied responsibility and told me that she would pass my concerns along to upper management - like they give a flying fuck about this.


I just spoke with the HOA president and her Able Assistant, and it turns out that Fathead called the Prez and confirmed that he doesn't know anything, and never did know anything.  The owner of the concrete company, an affable regular working guy, assembled a crew and guided me out of the garage, across the lawn, and out into the street.  So now I'm out and parked in the community lot.

I'm told it'll be ten days minimum before I can use my garage.  Now isn't that wonderful.


CWMartin said...

Ain't communication wonderful?

Bob G. said...

Mad jack:
---Now if THAT isn't a "WTF??:?" moment for the MONTH, I dunno WTH is!
I'd be on their asses for NOT notifying homeowners like white-on-rice.
---Tell them (the HOA) that after they make the pour, to lower a STEEL PLATE over the concrete until it cures properly, so YOU can get the hell outta YUR driveway.
---There is absolutely NO reason that you should be so inconvenienced in this manner ...period.

Fight the good fight and stay safe out there.

Axeanda45 said...

Whoever said that you have to wait for 7 days b4 the concrete can be driven on is a complete idiot... 24 hrs is more like it, I drive a cement truck....

Mad Jack said...

CW: Yeah, isn't it? They're still playing finger pointing and name calling games, and the only thing that changes is the issue that's surfaced.

Axeandra45: Thanks. What I know about cement wouldn't crowd the head of a pin. I have no idea why the company would lie about something like that - it makes no sense to me. But then, what do I know? I'm only the consumer, blocked out of his garage.