Monday, August 5, 2019

Shootings and Solutions

Well, unless you've been incommunicado for the past week, you know all about the two new mass shootings that have the anti-freedom crowd frothing at the mouth.

Kicking around the Internet, I found one blogger who got it right, and who is worth reading.

Keep going, with the standard disclaimer about special little snowflakes and thin skinned moonbats getting their cute little hides branded.

I found Stilton's Place owned and operated by Stilton Jarlsberg, via Bayou Renaissance Man.  Stilton makes some good points in Unintended Consequences, most of which I agree with.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say that old Uncle Stilt put all ten shots in the bull's eye.

My own thoughts have changed somewhat.  I used to blame untreated and undiagnosed mental illness for most of these terrorist attacks, but I no longer think that's the case.  Instead, I think that the world contains bad people, and from time to time they commit one or more felonies and are caught by the police, ground up by the judicial system, and sent to prison.  In a long while, they'll be back in society.

The problem is obvious: How do you find these bad people and get rid of them before they become a real problem?  Well, the only way I know how to do it is to find the man killing random people in a gun free zone.  That's the one we all want to get rid of.  Other than that, I am, strictly speaking, at a dead loss.  I have no idea, nor have I heard any that will work, and will not make life impossible for the law abiding hoi polloi trying to go about their daily business.

The anti-freedom Left screams about gun control.  In truth, the Democrat politicians and their mouthpieces will scream anything to get elected.  If the Left thought that supporting the Second Amendment would secure them a coveted seat in the government, you'd see each and every one of them openly carrying a sidearm of their choice, along with photo-ops down at the local range.

What the Left continues to fail at, and what the Right fails to point out, is that whatever it is we've been doing is not working.  Gun control doesn't prevent shootings.  Just look at Chicago - check Second City Cop and Hey Jackass! Illustrating Chicago Values, which as stats that are truly amazing.

For his part, Stilton writes:

Gun control can not and will not change any of this. The phenomena of mass shootings is, in fact, unstoppable absent a wholesale change in our culture, our way of life, and our society's unhealthy obsession with an inhuman and inhumane electronic world.
I'd compare this to traffic laws.  I live in Columbus, Ohio, and twice a day on work days, we have excessive traffic congestion on the beltway and on I-70.  We also have one or more accidents, some of which are fatal.  Now it would seem to me, since I'm not all that bright, that after a while the people traveling to and from work would get the idea that they should drive a bit more carefully.  It would also seem that attrition would take its toll, and in five years or so, we wouldn't have the traffic problems we have today.

Well, dream on genius, because that ain't the case.

As I write, I overlook a side street with heavy to-and-from work traffic, and two or three times during the rush hour, some jackass lays on his horn because the moron in front of him is fucking around with his phone rather than paying attention to the traffic - which started moving three seconds ago.  That's the attitude on the beltway during rush hour.

The unbelievable crap I see on the road is the only convincing argument I've ever heard supporting gun control.  Next time you drive in rush hour traffic, take a hard look around you.  Count the morons and the psychopaths.  How many of these people would you really trust to carry a loaded gun?  Me, I wouldn't trust most of them with an empty beer can.

Stilton blames society's obsession with the electronic world, and he's right.  Partly right.  I think there's more to it than that, but all I can do is drive safely and pack my gat.

And pray.


Ed Bonderenka said...

They're morons. They could buy a gun. They don't.
Or they did and didn't shoot the driver in front of them.
I'm down with that.
Just don't try to disarm me.

CWMartin said...

So I will put in two things that came to my mind during this post. Like I told a girl at work today, keep in mind that the Dayton shooter had a list of 'girls to kill' and 'girls to rape.' He was expelled and the district told everyone on the lists that he would never be re-assigned to their schools. And yet, he was back within a year. How does gun control help when most of the 'controllers' don't just drop the ball, they never pick it up in the first place?

Second, here something right in front of me this afternoon. Construction area, residential street crossing, red light. two cars in the left turn lane. Arrow comes on, car one is dozing. Instead of blowing the horn, car #2 GOES AROUND HIM- and as soon as #2 is in his blind spot, #1 wakes up and takes off. How they didn't collide is beyond me, because neither one had the apparent brains to avoid it.

BTW, Bobby G is in the hospital. Too much going on to share here, but prayers are definitely welcome.

Anonymous said...

Jack, here is what I think I have learned about statistics and the recent "mass" shootings and the 200 plus "mass" shootings so far this year. From what I understand this number includes much more incidents than shootings that happen in a retail, entertainment district or festival environment. The numbers include the weekly crap in Chicago and Baltimore, which I am sure you are keen on. The problem is, once the media, ect takes this road they need to come clean because under those stats 59% shooting by a Black and 29% by a White. The reporting is more than's done on purpose because they know they can influence all the zombies who can't think for themselves.

Old NFO said...

Well said, and no gun control isn't the answer. Actual treatment/incarceration for mental health issues (which we used to have) would help, but there is no one size fits all fix. Nor, in my mind, will there ever be.

Lens Larque said...

When you use the phrase "gun control" you cede most of the ground to The Enemy, who created that phrase for just that purpose. Use "disarming the law-abiding" because THAT is what is under "discussion" (a term you should also reject).

Mad Jack said...

Ed: I'm with you.

CW: Nice point. Once the authorities found the list, I would think that the parents would take some form of action. A list like that could be nothing more than the momentary ravings of an adolescent teenager - they'll think and do absolutely incredible things on the spur of the moment, and then the thought, deed, and motivation are gone and replaced with something else. But in this case, not so much. Hindsight is 20/20, and commercial media is failing to report anything about the parents.

I've also seen the driving maneuver you described. Where is a traffic cop when you need one?

Anonymous: Truth. And yeah, the very last thing commercial media wants anyone to know about are shooting statistics by race.

Old NFO: A better mental health system would help, but it's not a panacea, and it's prone to abuse. Also, the very last thing a political candidate wants to advertise is that more money is needed to treat a small group of people, none of whom can vote, and all of whom are the most vulnerable members of society.

Lens Larque: Very astute of you. I'll strike those phrases from future writings. I should have learned this by now from my past studies on Pao.