Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sylvania School Levy

They're at it again. The Sylvania public school system went into an apoplexy when the voters defeated a property tax increase in the last election, and that was when The Anointed One was on the ticket. Here's the latest from The Blade:

Sylvania school board to kick off levy campaign with rallySylvania school board to kick off levy campaign with rally
Having persuaded its employees to give up $1.4 million in pay and having cut spending by a further $5 million for the upcoming school year, the Sylvania Board of Education now has six weeks to persuade district voters to change their minds about a tax levy they rejected in November.
Clearly cutting pay, benefits and school spending is not going to cause the schools to close. Instead, it's going to force the school system to live within the means of the tax paying property owner. This isn't a bad idea.

This property tax was defeated once, and once should have been enough. That the school board has the audacity to bring it up again when they think that the opposition - property owners in Sylvania - will have a poor turnout is unscrupulous.

The school system doesn't need more money. The employees need to get along with a little less, and if they don't like that they can always seek employment elsewhere. Many property owners are retired and living on a pension that doesn't go very far these days. Other property owners are suffering from the lousy economy. Money is scarce. It's time our elected officials realized that even those who are willing to pay just do not have the money.

I'm voting against this levy, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

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Momma Fargo said...

Property taxes. Oy. Hate 'em.