Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sylvania Township Government: Less is better

I thought the Sylvania Township Trustees might learn something about the township and the people they are supposed to be representing. Maybe, maybe not. Here are two stories from the Toledo Blade:

Refuse pickup on agenda in Sylvania Twp.; Trustees schedule vote after postponement
Trustee Kevin Haddad, who made unified trash and recyclables collection a key part of his election campaign...
That's it. Kevin Haddad can't seem to understand that Sylvania Township residents will handle refuse collection as the individual household sees fit; not as Kevin Haddad desires. I think the other two might understand this concept a little better than Kevin. Here are the results courtesy of The Blade:

Board rejects townshipwide trash pickup
When he ran for Sylvania Township trustee in 2009, Kevin Haddad made townshipwide collection of trash and recyclables a cornerstone of his campaign.
But as debate came to a head on the subject last week, with a trash-collection firm's price to provide such a service due to expire, Mr. Haddad promised to never revisit the subject if his colleagues on the township board voted it down.
Trustees John Jennewine and Neal Mahoney soon tested that promise by forming the 2-1 majority against the idea.
I've got news for Kevin Haddad: He wasn't elected because of his ideas about trash collection. He was elected because Kevin Haddad was slightly less objectionable than the alternatives. Slightly less. My congratulations to John and Neal for making a wise decision.

The real question is: Why are we even wasting time with this? Reading a little further reveals that:
Previous township boards rejected townshipwide trash collection, but Mr. Haddad said he revived the idea because he had become weary of being awakened most mornings by garbage trucks on township roads and of having to cart his own recyclables to drop-off stations.
The emphasis is mine. So let me get this straight. Maybe it's just me, I'm a little fucked up here... Just because Haddad's beauty sleep is being disturbed, the rest of the world should roll over and capitulate to whatever hair brained scheme this oxygen thief comes up with to allow Himself to rest unmolested by people earning a living until a suitable hour. Would 10:30 AM suit your royal benevolence?

What a jerk.

Kevin isn't alone. The Lucas County Commissioners have the same idea. Check the link if you want: Countywide trash plan touted; Gerken invites residents, officials to vote with wallets
"You decide. We do not have the authority to force you to do this. Nor do we want to," Mr. Gerken said. "We've got an opportunity that I haven't seen here in 20 years, with the city of Toledo willing to change the way they do business. That opens opportunities for our suburban communities, villages, and townships."
What Gerken means is that regretfully we do not have the authority... I keep getting visions of Barone Sanitation.

People that live in townships do so to escape government. They want less civilization, not more. The Lucas County Commissioners understand this and they don't care. They want everyone under their greasy thumb. Me, I'm voting against it.

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