Thursday, May 19, 2011

Missing Cat

Missing Cat Alert

Dante in the Sun
Dante is missing.  Mom has concluded that he slipped out unnoticed and he refuses to come back home.  Not that I'm holding out a lot of hope here, but if anyone finds him we'd all be grateful.  The facts:

  • He was last seen in the area of Flanders Road just South of the Michigan State line.  The nearest intersection would be Flanders and Indian Ridge.

  • He is a neutered male with all his claws intact.

  • He has a full complement of jungle skills.  He was living off game he could catch when I adopted him in Florida, and he enjoys the out of doors.  He'd often disappear for a few days at a time in Florida, although he hasn't done so since he moved to Sylvania.

  • He's a bit cautious about making friends with strangers.  Fear keeps you alive, you see.

  • He is carrying a chip under his hide.

If anyone finds him, please send me some email and I'll be around to collect the little varmint as soon as possible.

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