Monday, May 30, 2011

Worthy Reads

Jeff Gamso writes about victim's rights and includes a few links, one of which I listed below. This is a worthy read and brings up another important flaw in our legal system.

Because If the Victim Doesn't Say "Throw the Book at Him," Who Will?

The Untouchables

On May 5, 2011 around 9:00 AM the Pima County, Arizona Sheriff's SWAT team served a search warrant at the home of 26 year old ex-marine and Iraqi war veteran Jose Guerena. Police SWAT team members shot Jose 60 times while his wife and four year old son hid in a nearby closet. The SWAT team refused to give Jose medical treatment for over an hour, allowing him to bleed to death. Jose's four year old son walked out of the house past his father's body. If Pima County sounds familiar to anyone, here's why: Sheriff Dupnik's criticism of political 'vitriol' resonates with public

This looks like murder to me. Beat and Release has written an entire series on this shooting, and it's worth reading. Here are the links:

SWAT Audio Is Out

Various Guerena Links

Let's Talk About Pima County Again

Guerena Analysis - Part 1 - Sgt. Krygier

Guerena Analysis - Part 2 - Mrs. Guerena

Guerena Analysis - Part 3 - Mrs. Guerena

Guerena Analysis - Part 4 - Mrs. Guerena

Guerena Analysis - Final Analysis

Finally, at the end of the line we have Fred who writes about the plight of the American male.

A Polity of Castrati: Soprano Nation

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