Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guess Who's Back?

On Sunday I decided to quit my job and leave Memphis, Tennessee.  I have well and truly had enough of Memphis and its inhabitants.  On Monday (Memorial Day) I called Big Mike in Dublin, Ohio to check his schedule - Mike assured me he was free Tuesday night.  So I packed up Monday night and loaded the car Tuesday morning, and by 8:00 AM on Tuesday all I could see in my rear view mirror was the back side of a sign welcoming the unwary to Memphis, Tennessee.  Birthplace of Elvis, home of the blues and the stuff that surrounds Beale Street.  I arrived at Big Mike's (actually the house belongs to Lash and Mike rents space) at 6:30 PM, surround a perfect manhattan at 6:45 and by midnight I was well fed, relaxed and a huge portion of my stress was gone.  My thanks to Mike and Lash for their hospitality.  I arrived home in Sylvania at 12:30 in the afternoon, had lunch and rested my eyes for a couple hours.

So around 4:00 PM while I was sitting in the computer room and working on some corospondence I happened to look out the window, and about 20 feet away from me was a thin black cat gazing at me intently. Dante?  I called him and he immediately answered me, so I went outside and collected him.  He remembered me instantly, but it took him an hour or two to re-familiarize himself with the house and the other cats.  Eventually he made himself at home in the penthouse floor of the cat tree.  Dante has lost weight, which is not the worst thing that could happen and has picked up a few fleas who will doubtless succumb to whatever kind of flea and tick slop I can buy at the pet store, but is otherwise in good shape.  I am very happy to have him back.


Stephanie Lorée said...

Welcome home to you and Dante both. It's fantastic that you found him and that he's safe! Great news.

historymike said...


Older School said...

Just like kids....they don't call, they don't write, but they always come back.
Big sigh of relief for you on many fronts, I'm sure.

Mad Jack said...

Not only do they neglect to call or write, but when asked just where the hell it is you've been, they remain silent.

I suppose he was living in the wooded area next to the house. I'd been out looking for him and calling him when I was in town for Cirque, but he wouldn't show up. Anyway, I'm glad he's back.