Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Life: Range Report

My strength is returning, so when I got a yen to put some lead in the air I sent Big Mike an email advising him of my improvement and cravings, to wit: having the energy to enjoy myself and desirous of his company, I would invite him to spend a pleasant afternoon at the local target range followed by a late lunch and the imbibing of strong fluids which befuddle men's minds.  I can't remember if Mike sent me a one word response or if he suffered a fit of magniloquence and expressed himself using two or even three words.

We arrived at The Bullet Stop around 1:00 PM.  As usual, I started with my Ruger .22, which I've always done pretty well with.

Ruger MkII Government .22
10 Shots at 25 Feet
30 Shots at 25 Feet
As you can see on the first target I tended to shoot low, which is normal for me.  I have not been able to find a cure for this malady, but given the size of my group I'm not losing any sleep over it.  Likely I'm moving the barrel when I pull the trigger.  I ran another two clips through the gun (second target) and then, encouraged with my success, I put up a new target and moved it back to the end of the range.

Target at 1000 Yards
Big Mike enquired politely if I could actually see the target at this range, and when I assured him I could see it quite well, thank you very much for your concern, Mike affirmed that any holes I put in the target would be by accident, but that he could almost guarantee that I would hit the backstop most of the time.

Results from 1000 Yards
Well, it seems like 1000 yards.  I'm not unhappy with this given my failing eyesight.

Big Mike's Buckmark .22
Mike started out with his Buckmark, which I have always liked.  I wish I could get the trigger pull from Mike's Buckmark on my Ruger.

Buckmark Results
Here are the results from Big Mike's efforts with his Buckmark at 25 feet.  Note the flyer at the bottom left.  This is what happens when you go shooting without your morning whiskey.

Betsy - Springfield 1911 Mil Spec
I hauled out Betsy and ventilated a target at 25 feet.

Betsy at 25 Feet
I shot this at about one second per shot, and I don't feel too badly about the results.  For one thing, the sights on Betsy are almost vestigial, she being built to military specifications.  Likewise, the tolerances are a bit loose.

I decided to switch to Big Nose Kate, my Springfield V-16, which I haven't shot in almost a year.  You see, the last time I field stripped Kate I was over at a friend's machine shop, where he keeps three milling machines, three lathes and a host of other equipment, metal stock, supplies and junk.  The place is crowded and not well organized.  In fact, not organized at all.  Number One claims he can find anything and everything in his shop, but I don't think so.  Last time he was looking for some sort of drill adapter he didn't find it until his beautiful, kind and generous wife came out and found it for him.  Big Nose Kate is set up for .45 Super, and as such the internals are not what you'd expect.  The guide rod comes in two pieces and unscrews, which means that when you field strip the pistol you have to be careful or the recoil spring will send the guide rod into the side of a nearby filing cabinet where it will ricochet off and smack into something else and finally hit the floor where it will skitter away into the tenebrous corners of the room, never to be found.  Ever.  After a lot of searching by both parties I called Springfield and explained what had happened, backing up my wild story with a photo of the parts left over.  The folks at Springfield were amazed that I only lost the one part and sent me a replacement gratis.  Here are the results shooting Big Nose Kate, which I am happy with.

Big Nose Kate at 25 Feet
Big Mike decided to shoot his Smith and Wesson 586 using the .357 ammo, mainly because he knows the noise drives me nuts.

Big Mike's Smith and Wesson in .357
.357 at 25 Feet, One Handed Sinister Side, Double Action
The best target of the day was shot by Big Mike with his Smith and Wesson 586 using 357 ammunition, one handed double action only, left handed (Mike is right handed).  At 25 feet he turned in a very tight group.  I maintain that Mike is not getting a good value from his targets, as he tends to put several shots through the same hole.  Being of Scottish heritage, I try not to do this and am generally successful, but Mike does not have my thrifty nature and wastes a good portion of his target by repeatedly using the same hole.

We repaired to The Maumee Bay Brewing Co. for an excellent lunch and a micro beer.  I had their breakfast stout, which is excellent.  All in all, a good day's work.

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