Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rare Photo

Most of us have heard the expression, "Scat!"  More formally, the complete expression is "Scat, cat!" and is often used when the errant feline is discovered shredding the living room sofa.  Not many people have actually seen a cat scat much less obtained conclusive photographic evidence that such a thing takes place, although to be equitable H. Allen Smith alludes to an eyewitness account of this phenomenon in his book Son of Rhubarb

Early this morning as I carefully sipped my coffee, I noted my Mom's cat Lily in the tree adjacent to the kitchen window.

Desirous of obtaining a better photo without interference from the intervening screen, I started futzing around with the controls on my camera and managed to fat finger the shutter control - most fortunate as it turned out, for I caught Lily in the process of scatting up the tree.

Lily Scatting up the Tree
I expect National Geographic will be calling soon.

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