Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cat and Mouse, The Sequel

Back in October cute little Ebony caught herself a snack, which I wrote about here: My Life: Playing Cat and Mouse. The long and short of this is that while Main Lady and Cottontail were over at Centenarian's house caring for her - she isn't doing well, but at 103 years old I'm not surprised - I saw Ebony, the little black cat, carry a mouse from the TV room to a clear area in the foyer where she could play with her new toy to her heart's content.  Which she did.  Last weekend Mopsy came to town to celebrate the completion of her board examinations (Mopsy is a physical therapist) and help Main Lady with Centenarian.  When Mopsy went over to take Excellent Rachmaninoff for a canine constitutional, she found something interesting.

Main Lady's two cats, Ebony and Pumpkin, do not get along with each other.  Pumpkin would like to make friends with Ebony, but Ebony won't have it.  Since Ebony spent a large portion of her life living on the street, she likely sees Pumpkin as competition and acts accordingly.  To keep the peace, the cats are housed in separate rooms, with shared living space being carefully policed by big people carrying rolled up newspapers.  So when Mopsy went over to walk the dog, she also let the cats out for a little exercise while she refilled their food and water dishes.  Mopsy noted that Ebony was not out running around, but instead was sitting next to her water dish, looking very tall and pleased with herself.

A brief investigation by Mopsy revealed that Ebony had secured a cat toy for herself.  Curious about what made this toy so special, Mopsy examined the toy a little more closely.  What a nice toy this was!  A little cloth mouse, with beady eyes, tiny little claws painstakingly attached to its little feet, and miniscule whiskers on its cute little nose.  Mopsy prodded the toy suspiciously, an uneasy thought growing in the back of her college educated mind.  You don't suppose...

After the hysterics stopped, Mopsy was able to pick up the deceased rodent using no less than 17 thicknesses of Kleenex and deposit it into the garbage can in the garage.  I rewarded Ebony with an extra portion of cat food and let her sit up with Excellent Rachmaninoff and I while we watched a movie.

I don't care if you're a cat person or not.  A cat like Ebony is valuable.

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