Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zimmerman - Martin Shooting

I've been resisting writing about this for a while, mainly because whatever I write is largely pointless. Beat and Release wrote about the Zimmerman shooting here, in This One Tells the Entire Story where he correctly predicted that Zimmerman would be arrested and charged.  The unsurpassed curmudgeon Fred Reed is the only author I've read who actually nails the problem - twice.  I recommend you read We Are Screwed - A Thought Possibly Not Unique to Fred and Some Things Detwaddled before you brace yourself for a long, hot summer.

Those with experience in dealing with people will tell you that the most reliable way to start a heated argument is to bring up politics or religion.  Now there's a third way; the Zimmerman - Martin shooting.  I've found people that I've believed to be perfectly reasonable and logical have lost their objectivity and critical cognition skills right along with their temper while arguing about discussing this shooting, and I truly do not understand their position.

Without rehashing the case in a huge amount of detail, what is generally known is that Zimmerman and Martin confronted each other.  Martin slugged Zimmerman in the face, breaking his nose and knocking him to the ground.  Martin then jumped on top of Zimmerman, grabbed Zimmerman's head and started pounding his head on the ground.  My question is this: How long are you going to tolerate this maltreatment before you shoot your attacker?

I wouldn't tolerate having my head pounded on the ground any longer than it would take me to get my pistol out and put some lead into my attacker, which is pretty much what Zimmerman did.  The objection I hear most often is that "Zimmerman started it!" when he followed Martin, in spite of the fact that no laws were broken by that action.  Then I hear a lot of mindless blather about disobeying the orders of the 9-1-1 dispatcher, which is also invalid.  Emergency service dispatchers are not police.  They aren't fire fighters and they are not EMS personnel.  They do not have police authority, although I think there are some who actually do believe they have that authority or would like to have it.

The very first crime committed happened when Martin broke Zimmerman's nose, as the right to swing your fist ends where the other man's nose begins.  Now in my own opinion if Zimmerman had pulled his pistol and shot Martin right after the punch landed, I'd have no objection at all.  I believe a person is perfectly justified in shooting someone who has just landed a damaging punch.  Not everyone agrees with this, but I have no trouble with it.  This goes to what I would refer to as the standard domestic shooting.  He was beating her so she dinged him.  No problem.  Just clean up the mess, have a drink and get on with your nice new punch-free life.  Like most commonsense issues, The Law doesn't agree and I gather that there's some caveat about unreasonable force or disproportionate response, which I see as stable dressing.  Anyone who opens the door to violence has absolutely no legitimate complaint if a little more violence than he expected walks into the room. 

The second and final crime committed occurred when Martin jumped on top of Zimmerman and started pounding Zimmerman's head on the ground.  Just how long anyone should be expected to put up with this kind of abuse before shooting their attacker the Moonbats won't say, but clearly they believe that Zimmerman had this maltreatment coming, likely because he 'profiled' Martin earlier.  Just how the Moonbats arrive at this conclusion is a question I'll never have answered, but there we have it. 

The rest is history, right along with Martin.  The local police arrived on the scene, evaluated evidence, took statements and cut Zimmerman loose, which is the way a shooting like this one is supposed to work.  Then commercial media got involved and the fertilizer hit the turbine blades.

Zimmerman's troubles are significant, and this is only the beginning.  Hate mongers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton along with the racially prejudiced terrorist group, the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), are out to get him.  The NBPP actually offered a 'reward' for the capture of Zimmerman prior to his arrest, and law enforcement refused to act to protect Zimmerman.  I suppose that if an organization is comprised entirely of black people preaching hate and intolerance, anything they do is okay.  Likewise, commercial media refused to condemn this action, and they should have.

These three would not be any threat at all if not for commercial media, which is spreading messages of hate and intolerance with more enthusiasm than a drug dealer giving away free meth samples during a police strike.  The government won't act against commercial media, as they're protected by tons of hundred dollar bills the first amendment.

This is a clear cut case of self-defense, no more nor less.  The local police handled the case correctly the first time, but because of hate mongers and commercial media, the government caved in and now Zimmerman is on trial for his life and he shouldn't be.  The government should have protected Zimmerman from the likes of Jackson, Sharpton and the NBPP, and it hasn't.  Commercial media should have covered this as the justified shooting that it was and refused to give any ink or air time to the jaundiced, hate filled speeches of the few, strident hate mongers.

It won't be interesting to see how this trial ends, but I'm afraid it will be interesting to see what happens when the verdict is returned.  I recommend watching the action on live TV.

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