Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Officer Needs Assistance

At least I think that's the official radio distress call.  I could be wrong about that, so any law enforcement officers who are reading this, please do not hesitate to correct me.  The deal here is that one Toledo police officer has asked for a little help on behalf of another.  Keep reading to find the straight skinny on why and how - and no, it's not a plea for money.

Back in June of 2012 American Broadcasting Company (ABC) trotted out another mindless reality show in the not altogether vain hope of making several dumptruck loads of money on top of the obscene amounts they already rake in by shamelessly pandering to the ADD quirks and caffeine fueled  knee-jerk reactions of the TV viewing audience in the United States.  Since I watch very little commercial television this would concern me a great deal less than it already does were it not for one man: Sollecks.

Some readers might remember Sollecks from a post I wrote back in February of 2011: Cops: My Ride Along . Sollecks was the officer who made it possible for me to gain a little insight into what the Toledo Police did on a regular basis.  That being the case when I discovered that Sollecks had issued a plea for help for a fellow officer trapped in a reality show, what could I do except sacrifice a portion of my privacy, relegate myself to dealing with a distinct uptick in the amount of spam I suffer through every day and do my part to help the poor fellow out.

I'm referring to Sargent Kevin Braun of the Toledo Police who managed to make it onto the show The Glass House, and has, likely by dint of his masculine good looks, stellar law enforcement skills and natural talent, made it to the final stretch and now has a serious shot at $250,000.  That's right, a quarter million dead presidents.  That is a lot of long green.

You can read about Kevin and his situation if you've a mind to on TPD's Sgt. Braun on reality TV show and here: TPD Sergeant on ABC Reality Show.  The bottom line to all this is that in order to win that fat quarter-mil, Kevin needs to collect votes.  If you've a mind to help Kevin out it'll only take a few minutes and a little effort.  Here are a few links and ideas.

Go to Kevin's facebook page, Kevin on Facebook: GlassHouseKevin, and if you have a facebook account like Kevin's page.  You can also go to Kevin's twitter account, Kevin on Twitter: TGHKevin and if you have a twitter account start following Kevin.  Any of the ladies who are reading my ramblings in privacy, not at work and not with impressionable teenage girls or insecure husbands within eyeshot of their screen, can go over to Groopii: Kevin Braun Shirtless in the Glass House and look at the pictures.  Mind you, Kevin doesn't do anything for me, but I'm told differently by my Main Lady.

Most importantly, and this is for all the marbles, point your browser at the The Glass House on the ABC site and vote for Kevin.  You'll have to create an account in order to cast a vote, but it's a worth while cause and there are several options to keep the resulting spam to a minimum.  Here's a link:

The voting window closes up sometime today, so please go over and show some support for a solid law enforcement officer.

My thanks to all of you who voted along with a hoist of the old bourbon glass and a tip of my fedora.

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