Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Execution, Another Government Screw-Up

Some Moonbat somewhere came up with the phrase, 'it takes a village'.  I can't remember just who it was.  It could have been Hitlery, but it might have been that talking head that looks like 300 pounds of bear liver in a plastic bag.  You know, what's-her-name.  What I'm leading up to is that to really screw things up, and I'm talking big time screw ups that start with a brain storming session in some baby kisser's office and move right through the initial design, the safety and regulatory modifications, then pick up a few more screw ups from the joy-boys in the advertising agency who are supposed to tell the Great Unwashed just how valuable and new and shiny and better and exciting this thing is, well... for that kind of gargantuan screw up, it takes a government.

Want proof?  They've done it again.  If you keep reading and if you're 18 or under, be aware that your mother will not approve of the language or ideas you'll find below the fold.

On January 18, 1993, Ronald R. Phillips murdered three-year-old Sheila Marie Evans. Sheila was the daughter of Phillips girlfriend, Fae Amanda Evans.  The details of the crime are horrific enough that I won't mention them here; suffice to say that during the trial one juror passed out.

Fae Amanda Evans was arrested, tried and sent to prison where she died of cancer on July 8, 2008, at the state prison hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

Ronald R. Phillips was sentenced to death and has been on death row since September 16, 1993.  He's scheduled to move out of his death row apartment on November 14, 2013.

But maybe not.  You see, the clowns in Ohio who handle executions have run out of go-to-hell juice.  This is a specially concocted hot shot that is supposed to humanely execute those criminals that have been deemed too worthless to redeem.  Or something.  You know, if you read the official rules for execution in Ohio, they don't make a lot of sense.  What this really amounts to is that if a regular guy, and by this I mean a male, aged 30 to 70 who likes women and who is known to take a drink and who has his own ideas about life after death which he is generally a little reluctant to share - you see what I'm getting at here?  A regular guy.  You take some regular guy, let him read about the crime and see if he says, "I'd take the son-of-a-bitch out back and put a bullet in him." or some reasonable variant thereof, then that's that.  That's when we're supposed to apply the death penalty.

Except the politicos don't have the stomach for just putting a bullet into this worthless son-of-a-bitch.  So Ohio had to come up with an alternative, which amounts to a ritual involving a high priest, several acolytes, an official team and representatives from the Great Unwashed and a very exclusive audience.  I don't know just how the go-to-hell juice is formulated, but I can guess.

Scientist 1: How about heroin?  Put six grains of H with a pint of Jack Daniel's, and that should do it.
Scientist 2: I don't know about that.  Some of those addicts have a real tolerance for H.  Besides, what if he won't drink the Jack?
Scientist 1: Yeah, that could be a problem.
Scientist 3: Neither one of you two knows what the hell you're talking about.  You shoot him up with six grains of H and all you'll do is make him high and get him to vomit all over the place.  There goes your Jack and your execution at the same time.  Forget the Jack.  What you want is airplane glue.  You get that glue in there and you've got one dead scumbag.

Or something.  So Ohio has a three drug combination that used to work, but now the Danes have discovered that we're using drugs to kill our criminals with and they don't like that.  So now we don't have any go-to-hell juice.  Which brings me to the latest news:

Ohio brews lethal cocktail

It plans to use massive overdoses intravenously of two backup drugs, the sedative midazolam and morphine-derivative hydromorphone, a combination never used in the United States.
Hydromorphone never has been used in any execution. Midazolam was used once, and that was a week ago in Florida as part of a three-drug process.
Get that?  No one's used hydromorphone in an execution.  Now think.  This is not a board of medical doctors at a hospital discussing a new surgical technique; this is the Ohio State Government at work.  Do you really and truly think they'll get this right?

Then, from the same article:

“It’s dizzying how many changes have occurred in the past year with states switching,” said Richard Dieter, executive director of the Washington-based Death Penalty Information Center. The center does not take a position on the appropriateness of capital punishment.
“The landscape is changing, and the recipient of all of this is a human being,” he said. “Even if he’s to be executed, you would expect a more reasoned, careful, researched, best-practices approach. In the medical world, this is not the model they would have used.”

Gee, you think?  Here's my suggestion: Firing squad.

The firing squad has been used for many years.  No one's survived it, it requires no special equipment or ritual - although if the State of Ohio got involved, there would be some kind of ritual developed right away.  Utah would just march the son-of-a-bitch out and shoot him.  The firing squad is truly a best-practices approach, as a variant of the firing squad has been in use in the United States ever since the Revolutionary War.  Soldiers.  Ground pounders.  They shoot at each other, you see.  Which is a lot like a firing squad.

Go down to any regular guy type bar in Toledo and in three days you'll have more than enough volunteers for the firing squad.  I'll be most of these men would even bring their own rifle and ammo.

This being a reasoned, careful and simple approach to what is really a simple problem - the lawful killing of a murderous, no good son-of-a-bitch - it will never happen in Ohio.  But it damned well should.


CWMartin said...

Agreed. That's worth another good whiskey. And if you ask me, it should be hanging, and all the short timers should get to watch. And be told, "If you ever end up here again, that's you."

Old NFO said...

I'd go for the hanging... Simple, quick and pretty good deterrent. The other alternative is bring one of the Saudi executioners over and let him chop off the head... public execution! They do it over there and draw quite a crowd!

Mad Jack said...

You guys... This hanging business never works out right. Either the head comes off (although I'm okay with that - so what, right?) or the drop isn't right and you get a little dancing on air at the end of the rope.

Sure, we could do a beheading. But then you have to get the guys from Saudi Arabia, fly 'em over here and put 'em up for a while, then fly 'em home again. All that costs money.

Although, I suppose we could fly the guest of honor to Saudi Arabia, and if we time it right - what's one more, right?

I still maintain the firing squad is the best all-around.