Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sylvania Township Trustee Election - Write Your Candidate!

One thing you can always count on.  If you are fortunate enough to ever be able to speak directly to your elected official (at any level) you can bet your bankroll against a plugged nickel that it's close to election time.  Otherwise, we're supposed to shut up and take it, unless we're applauding whatever latest fiasco our fearless leader is spending our tax dollars on.  I could go on in this vein for another thousand words or more, but what's the point?

It's about two weeks until election time, and if you want to write your potential Sylvania Township Trustee and as a few pertinent questions, now's your chance.  What - don't have his email?  Ah... how about that.  Here are a few of the email addresses for your candidates - those without an email address can be contacted through their website:

John Jennewine (Incumbent) Email: jjennewine (at)
Website: Jennewine Trustee on Facebook

Don Miller (Challenger)
Don Miller for Sylvania Trustee
Don Miller on Facebook

Penny Levine - no email available, no website available, no surprise here.  Levine believes it's best not to put anything in writing, especially anything that might find its way onto the Internet.  That kind of thing can come back to bite you, you see.  And that last is a quote directly from Levine.

Kevin Haddad
Email: khaddad (at)
Haddad on Facebook

John H. Crandall
Crandall for Sylvania

Me, I'm voting for Don Miller and John Jennewine.


Old NFO said...

I'd vote against Levine, just on general principles for that kind of crap... SOunds like the type that doesn't like ANY oversight...

Mad Jack said...

You got it, Old NFO. The woman is well-balanced though; she has a chip on each shoulder. What really gets to me is that after speaking with her for ten minutes, no one in their right mind would ever vote for her. Even those in their wrong mind would have a coin toss chance of not voting for her. She's very, very careful to keep away from the press or anywhere else she might be recorded and quoted.

A real piece of work, that one.

flask said...

oh, i dunno. i can call up my state representatives at home and expect them to answer questions, election season or not.

and even pat leahy isn't too busy to drop me a line.

you, he's probably too busy to write to, but you're not from here.

Mad Jack said...

Flask! As I live and breathe - nice to see you again.

Well, where you live you might be able to, but around here it's a little different. Although I have hope for the future.