Monday, January 27, 2014

Robert Burns Dinner 2014 - Hospitality

I would be sorely remiss if I failed to thank my brother Big Mike for his excellent hospitality.  Should you ever be so fortunate as to be a guest at Big Mike's house, know that he feels a great deal of responsibility for your personal comfort.

Keep reading for a few highlights and photos.

Somewhere between Friday night and Sunday morning we managed to accumulate another six inches of global warming, and the Columbus drivers did not handle it well.  The only benefit to this is that when we went out to breakfast on Sunday morning the restaurants were somewhat bereft of noisy patrons and their equally unpalatable offspring.

Saturday Morning

Escaped Crocodile
The crocodile on the first floor has managed to escape and is heading for the stairs.  I don't know just how he got loose, but it's evident he did.

Erstwhile Captors
The crocodile's erstwhile captors have hooked up with a chihuahua dog and are hatching another plot to re-capture the crocodile.  The dog has experience with large reptiles.

Food Group
I don't know if Pelicans like chocolate, but if so the M 'an M in the center is in for a bad time of it.  Alternately, I suppose they could be discussing the weather.

Saturday Breakfast
Big Mike is quite an accomplished chef and was kind enough to cook breakfast Saturday morning.  The coffee is imported from some obscure country in South America or Africa.  Mike buys the green coffee beans and roasts them in house, grinds the beans to the desired fineness and uses a fairly obscure coffee maker that features temperature controls and some kind of timer.  I don't pretend to understand any of it; it's just damned good coffee.  The omelet contains highly spiced sausage.

Mike also bought the tickets to the Robert Burns Dinner and did all the driving while we were in town.  My sincere thanks and a hoist of the afternoon bourbon glass to my brother Big Mike.

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CWMartin said...

"Another six inches of global warming..." Priceless!