Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Crises - January 2014

We've had a big snow and now we're getting below zero temperatures. Here are a few photos I took along with some commentary about our stupid local government.

In short, we got about six inches of snow, then a week later we get some kind of whacked out winter storm courtesy of Canada, who still hasn't forgiven the United States for acid rain, global warming and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This one was taken just at the end of the second big snow.

Second Big Snow
The Feedlot Snowed In

Front Yard and Driveway

Tufted Titmouse
 The titmouse has found a nice place to sit.  He's out of the wind and in the sunshine.

Ten Below
The temperature is rising, up to ten below zero from the twelve below we had last night.  The driveway is impassable and the furnace cannot keep up with the demands of the residents.

Dealing With It Outside
Here's the only way to deal with the driveway.  Although we have a four wheel drive tractor with a grader blade which will do the job after a fashion, it is colder than your ex-wife's heart sitting on that tractor today.  We're very fortunate to have a good friend with a four wheel drive pick up truck and a snow blade.

Dealing With It Inside
This morning we discovered that the furnace couldn't meet the demands of the house, so we've built a fire in both fireplaces.  At one time we could actually heat the entire home with this fireplace, mainly due to the natural stone wall which the fireplace will heat.  Also, the house was a lot smaller back then, having two bedrooms and one bath.  The only trouble is that the fireplace smokes, which we'll have to put a stop to somehow.

Then we get this crap from Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp.

Lucas County Placed Back Under Level 3 Snow Emergency  

Lucas County has returned to a Level 3 snow emergency amid growing concerns regarding plunging temperatures and stranded vehicles, says the Lucas County Sheriff's office. A Level 3 emergency cites that all roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel.

Roads have been plowed and are passable.  I know for a fact that people living out West deal with low temperatures all the time and don't resort to banning all travel.  Tharp is doing this for the same reason a dog licks his nuts - because he can.  After all, what good is having the authority to deny something to the Great Unwashed unless you actually exercise your authority every once in a while.

I'm planning to wait until noon before going over to Main Lady's house to feed her cats and check on the welfare of the home, Level 3 or not.


CWMartin said...

Not one to buck a level three- I'm one of those idiots they have to invoke level 3s because of. But I have to pick on you for one thing:

"...it is colder than your ex-wife's heart sitting on that tractor today."

My ex-wife's heart was never the problem. It was the brain that wouldn't engage.

Old NFO said...

Yep, THAT is cold... Stay safe, and as warm as you can.