Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year! Happy 2014!

Happy new year to everyone reading this. I'm staying in this year, New Year's Eve being the original amateur night and the police being serious about this drunk driving business. In my younger days I used to go out and tear it up pretty good on New Year's Eve. Then I started doing the hotel room package deal, which worked out real well. These days I just don't feel up to screwing around with a roomful of obnoxious drunks. Here's a tip of the old Fedora and a hoist of the happy hour bourbon glass to all the people who have to work tonight. I hope you all have a real boring shift, but I'm guessing you won't. Please stay safe out there while you're dealing with the drunks, family squabbles and house fires. Thanks for your service. See you all in 2014.


Old NFO said...

Doing the same, sitting in my house, NOT going anywhere!

Have a good one sir!

CWMartin said...

Yep, stuck at home with football and craft beer. Not too bad, really. I'll hoist one with you over the webs.

Roland Hansen said...

May the New Year be good to you and yours. Have a safe, prosperous, and happy 2014 all year long.