Monday, August 15, 2016

Pack Your Gat

I used to live in Mad City, and have been to Milwaukee a time or two.  The warning I got from people in the know was to be careful, Milwaukee was a dangerous place.  I didn't find it so at the time, but as they say, That was then and this is now.

I ran across Shock Video–Milwaukee Rioters: ‘They Beatin’ Up Every White Person!’ from Breitbart, who got it from INFOWARS: Video: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rioters Target Whites For Beat Downs.  Some people find Breitbart and Inforwars not to be credible news sites, so I continued my search for reliable news and found something on Fox Nation. Check the videos on Starnes: Violence in Milwaukee: How Does Burning Down a Gas Station Advance Your Cause?  From Fox:
White people were also purportedly targeted. A number of websites, including Fox Nation, posted video - showing some protesters trying to hunt down white motorists. "They beating up all the white people," one eyewitness said on the video.
Indeed.  I note that many commercial media sites refuse to carry this news, but if the words were reversed (whites searching for blacks to beat up) I'm sure commercial media would provide enough sensational coverage to completely obliterate the 2016 Olympic Games, the Presidential Election, and the Second Coming of Christ.

I lived through the civil unrest of the 1960s, and ended up 'way too close to a race riot at the Michigan State Fair.  My mother, father, and I took refuge in the horse barn along with the rest of the equine exhibitors.  The men shut and locked all the doors except one, which they guarded with pitchforks.  All the able bodied men in the barn were veterans of WWI, WWII or Korea.  They organized easily, and had no problems or undue excitement about guarding the door.  They just did it.  Back then my father didn't carry his pistol with him to horse shows, but that condition changed after the night in Detroit.  Dad bought a government surplus 1911 in .45 shortly after we got home.

The thing that I think actually saved us was the fact that the Michigan State Police Mounted Patrol were doing a demonstration that year, and were housed in the horse barn.  Shortly after the riot started, the State Police saddled up and rode right into the thick of things, swinging three foot batons.  Order was restored shortly thereafter and the rioters were disbursed.  Very few arrests were made, but I don't think the police were worried about arresting people.  What they wanted was to restore order, and that was achieved.

I'm a strong supporter of civil rights for everyone.  I'm prepared to tolerate hate speech from the KKK, the New Black Panther Party or the friendly folks over at Samanta Institute of Science and Technology. All have the right to peacefully assemble and give voice to their hate speech.

Where I draw a line in the sand is when members of any of these groups decide to destroy property or people.  So if I'm driving and a bunch of protestors try to stop me and give me a beating, I'm not stopping.  I'm planning to commit vehicular homicide.  Should my car become disabled, I'll commit plain old regular homicide.  At least, to the best of my ability, anyway.

Of course, I plan to avoid areas where this kind of thing might become necessary.  Sort of the way people avoided the black death back in the 14th century.  Meantime, for all the gun owners out there, pack your pistol with you and please be careful.  For any law enforcement officers that read this page, please be extra careful out there.

Finally, all of you who have got religion, pray for safety and peace.


CWMartin said...

It is just sad that these people on each side- one side seemingly more than the other- are being fooled into this by "their leaders" who have a self-interest in hate and violence. It's all about "our culture", but looting and violence isn't culture. It's a step below most animals.

Old NFO said...

As the violence escalates, the blame game rhetoric is getting stupid... If you burn your OWN neighborhood, YOU are responsible... sigh