Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Hate Mail

I got some unexpected hate mail today, or hate comment to be more precise.  I couldn't understand how this person tracked down a post written some five years ago.

The post in question is Police Shooting, and it covers Officer Diane Chandler's fatal shooting of an elderly mentally ill woman, Linda Hicks.  I believe the shooting was entirely unjustified, and said so.

Published May 3, 2012
Today, five years later almost to the day, I get this comment from an unknown contributor.  Where is this coming from?  How did he stumble across the post?

Semi-Literate Comment
This is not a particularly popular post, so I did a little investigation.  Bringing up Google and trying different search terms, much to my surprise I discovered this little gem.

That's right.  Use the keywords Diane Chandler Toledo Police, and guess what pops to the top.  Now, who do you suppose left this hate comment on my otherwise pristine blog?  We'll never know for sure, but I suspect it isn't a he, it's a she, probably very closely related to Officer Diane Chandler, probably posting from a cell phone, and evidently not all that literate.  Oh well.

I wrote it then, and I stand by what I wrote.  Nothing has happened to change my mind.  With any luck, this will be the last I'll hear about the whole sordid situation.


CWMartin said...

If they had any real thing to say in her defense, they wouldn't have resorted to insults. And tells you to get a job. I'd have asked back, "How's welfare working for you?"

Mad Jack said...

True enough.