Wednesday, June 7, 2017

DUI in Ohio

Paging through the local bird cage liner, I came across this little gem:

Sandusky Man Loses Driver's License, Sent to Prison After 12th DUI

With his 12th drunken driving conviction, a Sandusky man today lost his driver's license for life and was sent to prison.
Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Gary Cook sentenced Johnnie Cross III, 59, to four years in prison and ordered him to pay a $2,500 fine, and participate in alcohol addiction treatment.
My question: Why does this confirmed drunk still have a license after 12 DUI convictions? 

How well do you suppose he drives when he's sober?

You know how completely hammered you have to be to actually get pulled over for drunk driving?  And then you have to do something incredibly stupid to get the cop's attention.

Okay, that's more than one question, but the first question is the one I'm actually interested in.  Any and all of you that have some knowledge of the system, feel free to sound off.


CWMartin said...

How about: Perhaps he had been driving on a suspended licence for many of these DUIs- very common- and this was just kinda letting him know what he already prolly figured- he was never going to drive legally again.

Mad Jack said...

Maybe. The news doesn't mention much about his past driving record. My thought is that being without a license doesn't keep you from driving, no more than a lack of insurance prevents you from driving. Lack of a car, now, that will sharply curtail anyone's getting behind the wheel and contributing to the crash statistics.

Old NFO said...

Jesus!!! TWELVE DUIs, he should have been in jail a LONG time ago!!! What was he, the brother of the judge???

Mad Jack said...

Good question, Old NFO. I have no idea.

Momma Fargo said...

That is a good question. Should have been suspended for life. Me thinks that is ridiculous. I think 5 DUIs is bad which is when they started seeing prison time back home...but a 12th?

Bob G. said...

I'm surprised that:
a) He's not riding a MOPED by now, or
b) Doesn't live in Fort

Both of those fit a LOT of formerly suspended drivers - at least the ones the po-po hasn't caught behind the wheel of a proper car (again) in the Summit City.
---Usually, the MORE times you get caught (within a predetermined time), the LONGER the suspension until you LOSE it altogether, sometimes FOR LIFE, which, if you're young, can be a pretty LONG time...heh.
(doesn't seem to stop that many where we live, though)

Good post and comments.

Roll safe out there.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks Bob.

Every once in a great while I see some reformed schmuck riding a bicycle in the middle of winter, and I don't even guess why he's doing it - I know why.

What really gets under my hide is the way these people drive when they're stone cold sober. There should be some universal traffic law that they can get busted on - something like Driving Like an Asshole.