Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Religion, Satanism, and Pedophilia

I never did trust the Catholic church, not even when I was a child. The nuns looked mean to me, and many of them were.  The Priests weren't allowed to get married, and even though I had no interest in marriage or girls or (heaven help us all) kissing a girl - yuck! - that didn't seem quite right to me either.

If you live in Pennsylvania (home state of serial killer Kermit Gosnell), and you read the local scandal sheet, you'd know that six tons of top quality fertilizer have just hit the turbine blades, and it's no small deal.

Keep reading for a somewhat atypical diatribe on the Catholic Church.  Politically incorrect comments are kept to a bare minimum, but your mileage may vary.

Peter Grant, better known as the Bayou Renaissance Man just published a blog post titled Pedophilia and the Catholic Church: It's time for action.  Peter opens better than I could, so I'm quoting him without his permission:
I'm sure most of my [Grant's - MJ] readers have by now heard about the publication of a grand jury report in Pennsylvania. It investigated pedophile acts by clergy and laity in the Catholic Church over a period of some decades. The full report is devastating. Over a thousand known victims; hundreds of guilty persons; and a massive, deliberate, institutionalized cover-up of the facts by bishops and other authority figures within the Church.
Yeah, you read that right. Decades and thousands. This is one grand jury in one State. That leaves 49 to go, and a few very pertinent questions - like, for instance, what now?  Keep in mind that the Ohio criminal statute of limitations laws puts a limit of 20 years on sex crimes, so some discoveries can't be prosecuted.

The problem in this case or cases is with the priests, and it isn't just sex crimes, although that's a large part of the abuse. Some years back there was the murder of Margaret Ann Pahl, which Father Robinson was eventually arrested and convicted of.  A local author, David Yonke, wrote a book about the case which Main Lady gave to me, Sin, Shame, And Secrets: The Murder of a Nun, the Conviction of a Priest, and Cover-up in the Catholic Church by David Yonke (2006-11-01).  In it, David relates satanic worship ceremonies as described by one or more people he interviewed.  This wasn't brought up at trial, and I suspect the reasons had to do with credibility of the witness.  That doesn't mean it didn't happen or isn't true.  He also writes about a blatant cover up of the crime by Deputy Police Chief Ray Vetter, who was never prosecuted.  Vetter was a practicing Catholic, and known as the go-to guy for any crime involving the Catholic church.

Like the Kermit Gosnell story, I read parts of the Grand Jury report, but unlike the Gosnell story, I have no intention of reading the entire report. For one thing, the report is in excess of one thousand pages. For another, it describes individual crimes in great detail, and I really don't feel up to reading that kind of thing.  I guess if I were somehow involved in the case I'd force myself, but that's about it.

I have a few ideas on a possible solution for this, but before embarking on the U.S. Inquisition I think a few past events should be remembered.
  • The McMartin Preschool Case took seven years and cost $15 million 1983 USD, which is $38 million in today's dollars. Who's going to pick up the tab for this one?
  • The infamous McMartin case resulted in no convictions and seven adult lives absolutely ruined.
  • It was revealed later that the persecutors in the McMartin case learned what every experienced mother knows, that kids will say anything to gain the approval of an adult, and that kids have big imaginations.
I ought to know about that last item.  I'm one of those kids.  My maternal grandmother used to ask me what I'd been doing at school.  'Nothing,' I'd say.  She'd persist.  I must be doing something at school, I couldn't be doing nothing.

Nope, nothing.

She persisted.

Okay, you win.  So I made a bunch of stuff up about science class and experiments and... well, Tom Swift had nothing on me, believe me.  When the rubber hit the road a few days later, my father got the truth out of me.  I had lied.  I made stuff up.

"Well," I said, "I told her I wasn't doing anything in school, but she kept asking, and she wouldn't quit.  So I made up a bunch of stuff, and she finally quit."

I think Dad had quite a laugh over that one.

But this deal is a credible investigation and has discovered just what is happening inside the Catholic Church, and unlike little Mad Jack, the Church won't clean itself up.

The Holy Catholic Empire likes things the way they are, much like the Pharisees back in the Old Testament days - the negative number days.  The only thing to do is fix it in the United States.  Get the Federal government involved and prosecute it like organized crime.  Treat the clergy like terrorists until the murderers, pedophiles, and criminals have been rooted out, prosecuted, and sentenced.

Of course, the politicos involved in this will make some dangerous enemies.  I doubt they'll get reelected, but I have to say that if I, personally, held office and was failed to be reelected because I supported a criminal investigation involving child abuse, there are worse things that could happen.

Again, this is just one State, and it's in the United States.  The Holy Catholic Empire is spread across most of the world.  How do you think things are are in Mexico or South America?  Or parts of Africa?

This is one of those rare occasions where I plan to write my elected weasels and ask them if they're individually dumb enough to believe it isn't happening here, and what they intend to do about it.  Maybe, if enough people write, something will actually get done and the mess cleaned up.


CWMartin said...

As a former Catholic, in a clean parish where none of that kind of crap happened, this makes me very sad. It is hard enough to keep a Pastor safe from temptation when he is saved, harder still for any mainline priest or pastor who is basically "hired to do a job" with salvation predicated on church membership instead of faith. And when pervos learn it's the perfect scam, an INSTITUTION rather than a member of a church family are driven more by potential money lost than integrity. I also find it a crock that the FWSB Diocese replaced a saint of a man in John D'Arcy with a new Bishop who is apparently a member of the cover-up.

Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
Since Pennsy is my birth state (and a damn good one, as long as you actively avoid the diocese), there has been a history of scandal in the Catholic church for some time...
---Chris is spot on with HIS call on this. It's like a pedophilia FACTORY, churning out "men of the cloth" who are using said cloth to wipe away the stains of their sinful nature (which goes unpunished for years).
---I like calling them the Catholic Empire...smacks of ROME (from which it was created anyway).
---Granted there ARE those who follow GOD more than man and his lustful nature. But if the Catholic Church wants to set things right for the true followers, then THEY have to be the ones to check every closet and rid themselves of every single skeleton residing there...period.
Very good post.

Stay safe out there.

Mad Jack said...

CW: I agree with you. A good friend of mine is a Pastor, and one of his cardinal rules is: Never be alone in a room with anyone - except your wife. His wife served as the church secretary, and for good reason.

The crimes here are enormous, but along with the crimes will come false accusations motivated by a nice pay day and a mean spirit or two. We've all seen the type that will try and pull this off.

Bob G: These days the servants of the Holy Catholic Empire who actually follow the Lord are in the minority. I really feel for them, as the battle they fight makes Sisyphus's situation look good.

Anonymous said...

This is has been a topic I have been watching for 20 yrs or so. The Catholic church has a big problem and one who attends and participates in masses, ect need to get their head out of their asses. Dino

Mad Jack said...

If you go to mass, get your head out of your ass.

I'm stealing this one.

I've always wondered about it, especially when I noticed that girls were different in a new and interesting way. How could a man go his entire life without a woman?

Thanks for stopping in, Dino.