Sunday, December 9, 2018

Ha! Here Comes the Welcome Wagon!

A while ago I made an off-color adult oriented suggestion involving late night driving on the expressway and - never mind.  I opined that since we didn't have any female readers here, I should just drop the whole business.

I was wrong.

We have one (1) for certain sure lady reading this blog - Lord only knows why, but there she is.

Since GlassLass didn't leave a comment similar to Baked Brie's cheesy attempt at an insult, I'm going to assume a rather thick skin and a penchant for guns and drinking.

Welcome to the site.


Anonymous said...

You have at least 2 female readers, as I have been reading and enjoying
your blog for several years. I was especially interested in your
prognostications on all things Sylvania. Some of the details on ammo, etc.
are a bit over my head, but I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Ammendment,
so I even peruse the gun articles. I, too, will be sorry to leave Sylvania,
but after 30 plus years, the school taxes are too much for this senior citizen. Regards, CL

Old NFO said...

I think a couple of my female readers come over to your blog too...

Mad Jack said...

Thanks for stopping by, CL.

I was sorry to leave Sylvania, but the taxes weren't going to do anything except increase, and the city has been taking over the township one bite at a time for years. The clock's ticking, which is sad.

Old NFO: If they did, it's only because of the free beer. Still and all, I get a lot of traffic from your site, for which I'm grateful.