Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Quora Question: Have you ever seen someone showing more than expected while wearing a skirt?

Have you ever seen someone showing more than expected while wearing a skirt?

Sure have.

Disclaimer: Not safe for anything.  Names changed to protect the guilty; there are no innocents.  Your mileage may vary.  The sleeves will ride up with wear.

Back in the disco era I taught dancing.  Everyone wanted to be John Travolta, and thankfully John wasn't really all that good.   On weekends we'd go out to one of the local clubs and dance until closing time. One of our favorites was the Lightfoot Lounge (not the real name).  They had a fog machine, a great light show, and a waist high brass railing as a sort of fence around the dance floor. The club wasn't all that big, but it was one of the nicer ones.

One instructor from a sister school came in for a few weeks of training.  Jim was from Columbus, and had to leave his girlfriend behind him.   Joan could be somewhat possessive, and did not like the idea of Jimmy going out of town by himself.

The first night we all went out on the town and ended up at the Lightfoot Lounge.  Jimmy got half in the bag and started cutting up.   At one point he tried walking off the dance floor and hit the railing, doing a neat somersault that landed him on the floor, staring up at the ceiling and trying to collect his thoughts on reality.

A little later that night he's at the bar talking to some girl in a miniskirt, and for reasons not clear to anyone, Jim thinks the girl wants to sit on the bar stool next to her, but being small she needs a little help.  Ever the gentleman, he puts his arms around her and lifts... and her skirt rides up around her waist, and she isn't wearing a thing under it.   Nothing.  Nada.

Red hot damn on a Saturday night!

The girl freaks out, and since Jim can't see what might be the trouble it takes him a few minutes to release her, during which time her mons veneris is exposed for half the crowd to see, and her nice, round, spankable derriere is in full view of the other half of the crowd.

Eventually Jimmy drops her, she takes off, and he gets to hear all about the show he missed.

Oh well, right?

The next week Joanie comes in for a little visit with Jim, and we hit the Lightfoot lounge.  Now we, Jim's fellow staff members, know enough not to talk about girls, barstools, and a lack of proper attire in front of Joan.  Especially since Joan has a burr under her saddle about something or other and has been sniping at Jim all day.

Jim gets Joanie a drink, then another, dances with her a little, and just gets her all settled down and sugared up when the D.J. comes over.

"Hey Jim! Nice to see you. Hey, is this one wearing pants?"

"What?" Joanie says, starting to frown.

"Sure!  Didn't Jimmy tell you about the naked broad at the bar he was fooling around with?"

And that was that.

Joanie wanted revenge sex, I wouldn't give her any (I can't speak for the rest of the staff), and she and Jim eventually patched things up.  I never saw the showgirl again.


CWMartin said...

Wait'll I tell you what I... oh, who am I kidding? You always heve the best tales!

Mad Jack said...

Thanks, CW. My life was a good deal more interesting back then.

Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
---And many say that the DISCO era was awful...
(yeah, awful damn cool in more ways than one some Friday or Saturday nights)
I had a dancing fool blast while it lasted.

Great story.

Stay safe (and boogie on) out there.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks BobG.