Thursday, January 10, 2019

Michael A. Stackpole, Dead at 61

Noted author, game designer, and sociopolitical commentator Michael A. Stackpole passed away somewhat messily on January 5th, 2019 at precisely 3:00 PM EST.  The cause of his untimely demise was self-impalement upon Constance, Stackpole's personal +5 Holy Avenger.  He did not go gently into that good night.

When notified of Stackpole's demise, infamous social butterfly Patricia Pulling had this to say:

You can read more about the left and times of Stackpole at My Resignation Letter to the GAMA Board of Directors.

From the article:
The board [of Directors - MJ] is broken when it, having previously enjoyed robust and detailed discussions about GAMA harassment policies, down to the minutia of the structuring of an investigative team to be in place at our shows, chooses only to censure an officer who physically assaulted a female security guard.

Which is what this whole thing is really all about.  Here's a short summary of the incident Stackpole is referring to:

Back in the early part of August, 2018, GenCon held its annual convention in Indianapolis. This is the largest gaming convention in the U.S., and hosts about 60,000 rabid game geeks of all ages from all over the world, literally.  The dealer show is significant, and a dealer table costs a small fortune.  The entire convention area is in perpetual gridlock until the show mercifully ends on Sunday night.  What fun.  Hotel rooms for the next year sell out minutes after registration opens.

Stephan Brissaud, chief operating officer (COO) of iello had leased a booth in the dealer show, which is a significant expense.  Unfortunately, the delivery of his materials for the booth was one day late, which created a fiendish problem for Brissaud, as he would now have to set up while the show was in session.

Making matters worse were the organizers of GenCon and the local security staff.  GenCon organizers could have allowed Brissaud to use an entrance that was fairly close to his display, but they declined to do so.  Mainly, I suspect, because they could, and we all know it's much more fun to deny than to allow, and by denial make someone's life miserable.

Then the security staff prohibited the use of hand trucks or dollies to move the merchandise, meaning that Brissaud and his skeleton crew had to move their load by hand, one box at a time, from a doorway three or four times further away than it should have been.

Now security gets their turn.

There's a video tape of a confrontation between a self-important fat ass biological female in a uniform, one Candace Gene Patterson, who stopped Brissaud as he was on his way into the show, carrying a box.  She demanded to see his exhibitor's pass.

Having been jerked around by the obstructive officials at GenCon, forced to use an entrance that was far removed from his booth, and now confronted by a JBT wanna-be, Stephan Brissaud did what I would have done, and what I suspect many men would have done.  He told her the silly bitch to get the fuck out of his way and he kept walking.

She objected and filed file a police report with the local PD three days later.  Yep, three days after the incident, she makes an official complaint.  Mind you, there is no evidence of an assault or battery, but what the fuck, right? If you can make someone's life just a little harder, go for it.  The SJWs will thank you later.

The GenCon officials (Peter Adkison and his crew) threw Brissaud out, which was the wrong thing to do, but which is expected.  They don't have to be nice to anyone, and that's generally what happens when a group of snots like these get authority without any responsibility.

For his part, Stephan Brissaud issued an apology, which is a major mistake.  Never apologize to the Left.  Never ever.  Instead, Brissaud should have doubled down.

If you watch the video, and I have, you'll note two things; One, Brissaud's arms are full and he's busy moving in.  Two, Brissaud is a head and a half taller and around 150 pounds heavier than the security bitch.  He Brissaud actually assaulted her, she'd likely have ended her shift in the neurological ER.  But she didn't and he didn't, and that much is obvious to the local PD, as no arrests were made.

Getting back to my original topic, Stephan Brissaud happens to be president of Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA).  Now illeo Games isn't going to do much of anything about this incident
except decide if they're going to attend GenCon in 2019 - I wouldn't, but that's just me.  For its part, GAMA is in the position where it can't do anything by way of punishing Brissaud without a violation of the GAMA by-laws.  This wouldn't slow down a group of left-wing moonbats, but other people take this kind of thing seriously.  So they, the GAMA board of directors, decided to officially disapprove of Brissaud's actions and censure him.  Or, put it another way, do nothing but say you shouldn't have lost your temper.

Which he shouldn't have.  He should have waited.  What he could have done was write about his experience at GenCon and give them a little bad press, which they richly deserve.

As for Stackpole, his major malfunction is that he's decidedly light in the loafers and his fellow butt buddies at GAMA are failing to hammer the official SJW target du jour, Stephan Brissaud.  Note that rules and regulations don't bother Stackpole in the slightest.  Because, you know, this is different.  And so, in a gigantic snit, complete with an apropos white wine and a few select canapés, this illustrious gift to the literary world is packing up and going home.

So there!

Don't get me wrong.  Stackpole is a successful author, which is today's world equates to being very shaky in the masculinity department - and it ain't from low Tee, Joe.  Having attended a few of his lectures and interacting with him a bit, I wouldn't buy him a drink, I wouldn't have him inside my home, and I give his political and philosophical opinions the same significance that a leading neurosurgeon would give Glen Filthie's opinion on the limbic system, a stainless steel roto-rooter, and the latest surgical techniques involving same.

For those of you who have skipped a perfectly good rant to get to the bottom and, we all fervently hope, a fucking point to all this, well... here it is.

Stackpole is no loss to anyone.  GAMA will somehow manage to get along without him.  Were I on the board at GAMA, I'd ask everyone for a moment of silence for Michael A. Stackpole, and when the snickering died down, it wouldn't be business as usual - it would be a real relief not to have to deal with an SJW flaming faggot during a business meeting.

When dealing with the loony left, never, ever, apologize unless you, personally, have suddenly discovered some massive fuckup that you've committed.  This is doubly true when you deal with the rabid loony left, which most are.  Instead, double down.  Take a page from President Trump's book and make no apology.  Attack right away, and attack with as much vitriol as you can manage.

Here's a hoist of the evening bourbon glass to Stephan Brissaud.  He may have issued a public apology, but I don't think he meant it.  At least, I hope he didn't mean it.

Here's how!


CWMartin said...

Can't say this is a posting wherein I have a hunting dog, much less a clue, but it was certainly entertaining, and a shame that someone gifted breath by God managed to make such a complete waste of it.

Mad Jack said...

Hey CW.

Stackpole regards himself as somebody, and he isn't nearly as important or essential as he believes. He belonged to an organization called GAMA, and ostentatiously resigned his position because the rest of the GAMA Board of Directors refused to see things his way - notably the incident involving Stephan Brissaud at GenCon.

Glen Filthie said...

My experience with that type of crowd is that there are two ways of doing things - their way or the highway. When given the choice I will take the highway every time. The highway isn't the easiest option; but when the bad guys move in and take over my experience is they ruin whatever they are trying to govern and manage.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Is this the Gamergate I've heard so much but understood so little of?

Ed Bonderenka said...

OK. Is Stackpole dead?
Nobody else on the internet seems to be aware of it.